Lag differences between ranked crossplay and solo/duo?

Am I the only one experiencing extremely noticeable differences between the server lag between these?

When I play solo/duo, I experience unbearable latency even when I’m on 25 ping. I also experience way more disconnects with teammates or games starting 3v4 in this playlist.

When I play crossplay, I rarely experience it on 25 ping and only when it starts to climb to 40, 50, 60+.

the m&k solo/duo servers are on unplayable

I’m in the controller playlist as I play on Xbox. I dunno, there’s a CLEAR difference. Solo/duo is probably the most broken playlist in the entire game and I don’t understand why. If I have 25 ping in any other playlist (social or ranked crossplay) I have very few issues.

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I was literally just thinking this. Mouse and key along with solo/duo controller is a toss up even at 30ms. Crossplay there arent any issues for me until 50ms but even then 50ms in other games do NOT give the experience Halo Infinite does at the same latency.