What is going on with mcc lately??? Pretty much every game is lagging (especially big team) when it’s not lagging the match ends abruptly half way through. These are issues we all experienced months ago on a consistent basis. It had gotten better but lately it’s back to consistently terrible again. 343 I kindly ask you please reply to this thread to let us know what you know about this and if/when you will be addressing it. Thx

I’ve been having the same issues.
I got back from vacation on Sunday and played all day with no problems, it was a blast.
On Monday, however, the majority of games I found were so laggy that they were unplayable. I also had quite a few games end early for no reason as well.
the problems were still going on today so I just played Halo Reach instead. (Reach worked flawlessly BTW)

I have to credit most of my lag to connection issues with live itself or quitters. I’ve had two matches last week that were literally only seconds long. Not three seconds after saying “slayer” do I here Jeff again “game over”. Lo and behold most of the other team was gone.

I’m having same problem… Last 3 days it’s super laggiiiii. Have like 50mbps speed still, what’s going on?

Another night last night of extreme lag in btb. My fav playlist and it’s unplayable : / damn

bad lag in H2 classic