Lag and how it's literally been the worst

Apologies for the hyperbolic title, but since the title update I haven’t had one game where I haven’t lagged. The problem is not my connection, because I have had sweet games, no lag - nor where I am host. However, I have not had a good game, you can check my games. I have dropped multiple games. Please help me.

  1. My NAT is green
  2. During periods where I am lagging a ton, I test my connection and it’s quite stable
  3. I do play on wireless, but there’s never an issue since the wireless is in my room

What’s going on? Is it the code? Are there people who lag switch? People who game the game to be the host? SOmeone help, Halo 4 is turning out to be more stress than fun. Thank you.

get an ethernet cable and plug your router to your xbox

> get an ethernet cable and plug your router to your xbox

Do the above. It’ll drop your ping by at least 100 milliseconds and drop packet loss to zero. This will improve lag vastly. At least any lag you’re responsible for. Others can still totally lag the hell out of the game.

I think I’ve lagged less in Halo 4 than in any other game I’ve ever played.

my friends always lag out of spartan ops. i never have.

First of all thank you for the tip. I will try the router directly connected to the 360 this weekend, I don’t have any spare cables and right now, it’s serving as the family router with a few things attached (printer/computers, etc.)

Despite this, I will occasionally have sweet games. No hiccups, no black screens waiting for my lag to dissipate, no watching for seven seconds for my respawn. I will get multiple killing sprees, and no, I check I am not host. So, I am not so willing to believe the simple problem is JUST my wireless connection. There is not enough irrefutable evidence isn’t enough in this case. I don’t lag on every single game, only select ones, certain lobbies even. I don’t lag when I go 500 points. I do notice certain things:

  1. Sometimes, I will find myself faced with a foe, I will pause and then suddenly they will teleport several feet and suddenly, I’m dead

  2. When I find myself stuck, unable to anticipate my next move, the enemy suddenly is by my side. It’s never when I’m trying to move around. It’s almost always when I’m engaging the enemy.

I am however, willing to attempt to wire my 360 in and check. But I’m sure that I do not lag when I’m having my best game. I am also doubly sure I am not host. So, I’m lead to believe, at least currently that my current woes with the game are not just simply my wireless is lagging so bad that I am bad.

So, what gives? This is what I’ve sort of understood about the way that the game filters connections:

  1. The host is chosen if they’ve got the slowest connection
  2. People who are host sometimes have special benefits (able to see circles on their drops etc.)
  3. Some people game to be hosts? Some people use lag switches?

Dedicated servers in a Halo game would be like a dream

> get an ethernet cable and plug your router to your xbox

Try also port forwarding your Xbox.

Yes, NATS green, and I set up all the port forwarding a long time ago. I promise I am not adverse to messing with settings. Thank you for the tips!

@ MLP Yes! It’s been set up, QOS == port forwarding? It was done a while ago, there no block, no priority assigned to my packets.

> > get an ethernet cable and plug your router to your xbox
> Do the above. It’ll drop your ping by at least 100 milliseconds and drop packet loss to zero. This will improve lag vastly. At least any lag you’re responsible for. Others can still totally lag the hell out of the game.

By at least 100 milliseconds you say? So if I switched to Ethernet cables I would get a ping of… negative 60ms. I get the feeling that physics just won’t allow that to happen.

In terms of your problem OP, an Ethernet cable probably won’t do much unless you are on a high traffic network or live somewhere with a lot of interference. I would recommend you go into your router and use QoS to give your Xbox the highest priority possible on the network. This is useful if you are on shared network as other devices/people will no longer affect your game as much if they are accessing the internet.

For me I get lower ping if I play wirelessly, however I use an ethernet cable because it’s less choppy.

So, I spent time recently played a few games and tested my connection throughout. I haven’t got an ethernet cable, and there are no other devices chewing through the wireless right now. I had several games, no lag, great response. Suddenly, on maybe the fifth game, I suddenly got switched into a JIP. Suddenly, things got weird (No you get weird).

It felt like running through jello, my nades would jump out several seconds after I throw, and once I died it would take an exorbitant amount of time for me to respawn. (3 seconds was really like 15 seconds). We died, the guy who won the game got like 35 kills and 5 deaths, everyone on my team was 10+ but less than 15 kills. I didn’t get to check who was host at the time, but games like these really make me believe that people intentionally mess with their connection.

Is there a way we can check? A connection filter? If someone has way too many “slow” packets can never be host or are filtered into games with other people with bad packet loss (wouldn’t that be hilarious?) . Seriously, I would like regional or filters for my connections. At least a way to check my connection to the host. I don’t drop games, I hate it when I have to drop games, but playing with these connections makes my valve stick.

> Is there a way we can check?

I experience lag too frequently for it to be cheating even on national hosts and on numerous occasions when the host’s modem/router responds to WAN pings I see the latency skyrocket during the course of the match likely due to downstream and/or upstream congestion on the host’s connection.

The lack of adequate bandwidth testing results in unplayable BTB matches even on local Australian hosts. When players on 3g and 4g wireless connections are pulling host over 100/5mbit cable users you know the host selection is f’ed up.

Agreed, with your post above, I think I need getting matched into slow hosts. I am sort of fed up, I doubt it’s my wireless now. Early this AM when I started playing, the pace was literally great. I was playing and ending up at the top 1-3 players. Now, I am lucky if I finish the game. Something is really wonky with the matchmaking. I need to take a break for a bit, I am also going to find that extra long ethernet cable to see if that’ll help.

I can tell when I am slow or matched into a slow host because it will literally be like running through molasses. And a few weird things happen:

  1. I don’t spawn after the 3 second timer, often I will get 7 seconds, and then subsequently lag out (for a total of about 30 seconds)
  2. Then, I die multiple times in a row and never play any of these lives - I know other people aren’t lagging becuase if they have mics on I can hear the action going on via their mics
  3. People will skip everywhere, they will literally teleport and I cannot tell when I die
  4. My nades will fly out of my hand 3-5 seconds after I hit the right trigger
  5. People stick me, I see them, usually I can dodge if I’m fast enough, but when I play these games I get stuck x3 more times than I’m used to - often it’s from a long throw (not a melee battle)
  6. My run button doesn’t work, for some reason this is the most frustrating, I can understand lag but I don’t understand why this key doesn’t register when I’m lagging. I push realize that I’m not running, push it again, realize again that I’m not running, and then stop and just run slowly to my destination

The worst though is that I can’t call or get my ordinances stolen from me. That’s probably the nail in the coffin, I really hope that they just fix the way that these connections are handled, it’s mildly frustrating to play an otherwise polished game.

I know I have been posting this frequently, but I hardly have issues with lag. Am I the only one?

As far as i remember, ive only had ONE (I REPEAT ONE!!) laggy game in Halo 4, in Griffball. been playing since the launch date and im lvl 79… :slight_smile:

> I can tell when I am slow or matched into a slow host because it will literally be like running through molasses. And a few weird things happen:

I often play with geographically close friends with the same ISP as well as other ISPs and lag when present is always very consistent in all our experiences.

I suggest playing with friends located geographically close to you ideally with the same ISP and other ISPs for comparison’s sake. If they’re lagging in the same games it could just be a bad host, if they aren’t lagging it might be something specific to your ISP, network conditions and/or networking hardware.

A tracert is yet to reveal any issues in my ISP’s/Host ISP’s networks leaving the last hop (the host’s connection bandwidth/latency) as the only possible issue.

Honestly I am rather tired of having to monitor connections so I ain’t cannon fodder for other players on -Yoink- hosts so I’ll just play little if any Halo 4 until the TU and if that doesn’t improve networking I won’t be playing often period.

I’m Australian and I find Halo Reach American hosts preferable to Halo 4 Aussie hosts because Halo 4’s networking is so poor.

Just wanted to point out that after one fo the TUs the lag went away, like almost every game was decent for like a week. Then the lag came back and I quit for a couple months. Then another TU came, I have been playing for a week, the lag is back. I’m sorry, I just can’t play like this because I just get frustrated trying to have fun. I’m quitting Halo 4, it’s been grand!

I find it annoying versing people overseas. It makes the connection soooo laggy. I swear some people just have terribad internet (Not being sad, but from experience, it’s been the Americans and Mexicans).