Before anyone spews bs about my nat or reseting please dont my end is solid

people are reporting lag and disconnects that make the game almost unplayable but majority are claiming to have TWC internet.
I am one of the individuals with this problem and TWC

343 any response?

Two links for this with others

A response would be nice

Yup. THE LAG IS REAL! Both in multiplayer and campaign with others. I’m a former TWC technician so I KNOW my end is working great. All of my other games have no issues at all. Only Halo 5. Uninstall, reinstall, reset everything, check NAT, etc. Nothing helps.

Yep this seems like another waste of time and money! Hope its fixed soon or im done

I have TWC and can’t even finish a multiplayer game because of the lag in H5!

I had a 343 Moderator instantly replying to me up until I mentioned Time Warner and now he’s yielded no response from this. Looks like they are just going to deny it and take 6 months to fix like MCC

That’s sad

This is ridiculous, we need a rep from 343 or a Moderator in here right now to acknowledge this

This issue wouldn’t be so terrible if I could at least play split screen with my husband.

why the -Yoink- is 343 not responding to this, there are numerous threads about this problem get the -Yoink- to work on it already.

Wish they would say something this is annoying now

They won’t, but bet if I stepped out of line they will be here instantly to ban me. That 343 logic for days

Yep. Every single match have serious lag problems including disconnects. Happens ONLY with halo 5 Matchmaking. Waiting on ANY kind of response from 343. But as it stands I’ll gladly be returning this garbage come Monday for my money back.

I am having horrible connection issues as well. Stats of of ping and download speeds are excellent but halo 5 continues to be unplayable.

Seriously this is ridiculous I keep bumping so we get a response and nothing

I ahev the same issues, I have bought a new modem, forwarded all ports, set up QoS, and then some. Still terrible lag. I can ground pound out of the map and walk around the areas on the multiplayer maps. I have a picture of the whole actual rig, I was walking around for like 2 minutes.

Refer everyone you can that you see posting about this to this thread so it can get as big as possible. So they can’t ignore it.

Big time issues here as well. TWC in North Carolina (Winston Salem area). I have an ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 modem. 30/5 speeds. Great ping and no issues with ANY other games. Open NAT. I have tried manually forwarding ports and disabling UPnP, still horrible lag. There is definitely something going on with this… It needs to be fixed soon or I’m returning Halo 5.