Lacking in imagination

I played 4 or 5 hours of halo infinite on release day and was a little disappointed, now that co-op is out it was time to jump back in and see if they actually changed/fixed the game.

Firstly it looks amazing and the open world is more than welcome. Its good to see the cheif again abd get back into the fight.

●pilot is annoy and needs to stop crying about going home
●grapple hook is great
●other upgrades are pointless and unnecessary and you never need to use them or upgrade them - shield is now maxed, grapple hook is maxed the rest not touched so have loads of cores never going to be used.
● Players need a little more distance before being teleported back together.
● no new technological weapons for humans except hydra, i mean surely after this many years of fighting aliens we might have advanced past the early 2000’s timeline weapons (e.g guns we use now), i mean they are all the same as guns my dad used in the army and he is in his 70’s now
● why can’t campaign players change our armour and guns like pvp players can, we even find skins in the campaign yet we cant use them, it would add replayability to the campaign hunting all the skins.
●massive world lots of space but basically its empty except a handful of enemies every now and then and a few fob’s and targets.
●AI is terrible
●the game is still the same as all the other halo’s 2 weapons, no dual weild, no changable melee weapon in a 3rd slot, no new armour, very few new weapons, no new vehicles.
●sadly story is very thin/watered down trying to make it last longer.

Its sad because they spent so long making this game with many many delays yet it just feels rushed and half -Yoink!-, nothing really new or bold or daring or ground breaking.

With just a bit of effort and maybe a decent dlc and events for campaign (why should pvp get everything) this game could really be truly great.