Lack of Team Color Issue

Due to Halo Infinite’s lack of traditional team colors, I often find myself in the same two situations: shooting friendlies, and hesitating to shoot enemies. The former happens when a player suddenly appears, and the latter when there’s a large mix of friend and foe packed in a small area. If I had to guess a combined number for how many times these have happened, I’d have to say 14.

If you decide to share yours below, refrain from giving an obviously exaggerated number. I want to make a point here.


Quite frankly I have no problem with the outlines at all. Might’ve been a little odd at first but currently I have no problem at all with distinguishing teammates and enemies and am never hesitant or slow when acquiring an enemy target. Being able to see your entire teams’ outlines and knowing where they are on the map at all times, its really a simple matter of knowing that anyone that crosses your path is an enemy and to shoot immediately. Having played a bunch of Tactical Slayer with my brother, my trigger finger remains twitchy and on point as soon as I see someone.

From the beginning this was a change that I had agreed with cause I do like being able to see my Spartan’s custom colors rather than just painting over it with either red or blue.

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I really like the new outlines, I just wish there were a few more colors. I want a bright orange, the current options are too close to red for my liking.

Try changing your outline color? I mean I’m not a huge fan of the outlines, but I feel like you are the 1% right now

I mostly have a problem when say me and an enemy walk around a corner together at the same time, too close to see outlines and you just get chest and face.

If we went back to red vs blue then players won’t be able to show off the colours they bought for £20 for… :neutral_face:

The current monetization issues aside, I had always thought it was a shame to be able to color my Spartan how I wanted only to have it completely painted over in every game mode that wasn’t FFA in the previous games so I do appreciate it.

I use bright yellow for enemies and it helps a lot.

Before that I did shoot some friendlies on occasion so know what you mean

You get hard-to-see outlines instead of default team colors because monetized cosmetics, gameplay and readability be darned.