Lack of map variety


I have been getting slightly frustrated lately with the lack of map variety I’m seeing in matchmaking for Halo 4 (specifically the abundance of matches on Haven). It seems any time Haven is in any of the three map choices - 6 or 7 out of the 8 players (for example) all seem to pick Haven instantly. Now don’t get me wrong - Haven’s a great map! The only thing is, I would like to see some other maps being chosen more than once in a while if Haven shows up in the choices. I’m also seeing similar trends in BTB, with Ragnarock being chosen more often than not - I’ve only ever played 3 games in total on Vortex, all of which I enjoyed, but it never seems to get chosen!

One of the main reasons for this lack of variety seems to be the way maps are chosen. In Halo 3, the veto system brought up one map, and you could choose to ‘veto’ it. If more than half the players vetoed, then a new map was chosen which you then automatically played on.

This system led to more variety, because there was a far lesser chance of (for example Haven) showing up on the initial choice - and if the map was halfway decent then it would have a good chance of being played on. As it is now, people see Haven and instantly vote for it - no matter what the other choices are (of course I’m exaggerating slightly here, but it seems to be this way more often than not), leading to very repetitive map selections.

I personally think the Veto system was superior - there was more variety of maps chosen, and if you didn’t like the first map, you had a chance to veto against it.

Perhaps it’s just me who thinks this way, perhaps you agree with me. Either way, I’d like to hear what people think.


The reason Haven is voted for when it appears is because it’s the only correctly sized map for 4v4.

> The reason Haven is voted for when it appears is because it’s the only correctly sized map for 4v4.

That’s a fair point, and I do agree it’s a great map, and initially one of my favourites, but even the best of maps get boring after being played on repeatedly without much else. Personally I would rather it was a nice surprise when it came up, rather than being chosen so much, but perhaps that’s just me.

I’d love to see some great community-forged small symmetrical maps being introduced into matchmaking from the three ‘forge maps’ too, perhaps that would help somewhat.

Lack of maps is the main reason I can’t play this game for hours on end.

I agree this is without a doubt the most underwhelming maps released with any Halo game. None of them have much personality, too big, not enough maps etc. 343i should release a free map pack since they really messed up on the launch.

I want old maps back, like Halo1, Blood Gulch or Death Island, and other maps from halo 3

With the limited map selection a veto system could mean the same map gets picked more than it already does. Haven doesn’t come up, veto the maps, then there it is.

This game needs more maps. Even Forged maps would add some diversity.