Lack of loadout weapons?

I don’t like the idea of loadouts, but if 343 is going to do this from now on, then I think they should at least go all-out on it.

There’s a huge variety of power weapons in this game, but when it comes to loadout weapons we’re pretty limited, only 6 primaries and 3 secondaries and 3 grenades. I was wondering what they could do to better this in Halo 5, here’s some of my thoughts:

Halo 3 ODST’s silenced SMG (Primary)- It’s different from the others with it’s 2x scope, and an automatic that’s a little better at longer ranges would be nice.

Halo 3’s sentinel beam (Primary) - This was really under used in Halo 3, was only ever in maption sack, but it was really fun to use. Also with no continuous beam weapons in Halo 4, I think it’d add some more variety

Reach’s needle rifle (Primary) - It’s supercombine kills are pretty cool, and it makes a good covenant counterpart to the DMR, although a little weaker, which is good because the DMR is a tad OP.

Halo 3/Reach needler (Primary) - Needler is meant to be a power weapon in H4, but if the kill time was shorted to maybe the same or slighly less than in H3 or Reach, it would fit in. I always liked using it when there was bad lag, as thanks to the homing, my shots will actually register.

Halo 3 magnum and H3 ODST’s magnum (Secondaries) - Instead of the Reach style magnum in Halo 4, have both of these. The halo 3 one with a lower ROF and no zoom, but fewer hits to kill, and the ODST one with higher ROF, 2x zoom and more hits to kill.

Plasma Rifle (Secondary) - Good for taking off shields but bad at taking off health, would fit in nicely I think.

SMG/Spiker (Secondary) - Both of these guns have a really similar role, but either one would fit in nice as an automatic secondary for CQB when you’re primary is something for longer ranges. A bit weaker than the automatic primaries, and they’d fit in nicely.

H3’s fire bomb grenades - Simply cause it was just fun to watch people burn. These did have lag issues though, so only if it was possible to implement them without lag issues.

H3’s spike grenades - These were also just fun to stick people with, especially when you stuck someone on the heads or crotch :wink:

So yeah, let me know your thoughts on this. Because personally I feel the game needs more loadout variety.

I like the part when you say “Only 6 primaries and 3 secondaries”.

I laughed.