Lack of discussion about File Share

Hey guys, something I noticed is the lack of discussion about the File Share system on both the forums and by 343i. With the Intro to Forge we got yesterday, it got me thinking about building maps and mini games and race courses. But The thing that limits that is the lack of file share. Halo 3 had the greatest system. I was able to find maps, game types and screenshots all from the Halo 3 menu, or on the computer. Made things like Forge Hub possible. Made finding new maps and experiences easy. What’s the point of Forge if we cant share our creations with the masses?

The way the game is looking, 343 is really out doing themselves, but I still have that voice in the back of my head that reminds me they were behind MCC (Which I still love, but theres a lot of problems with it) and halo 4. Halo 4 has an awful file share system, and don’t get me started about MCC’s.

We should be able to search for content by creators, tags, titles, or types, all from the game itself. A web based File browser would be excellent too. I them to recapture that “Custom game night feeling” by letting us easily download and share Forge maps and gametypes. I remember Having parties of 16 and swapping party leaders constantly cuz someone had a new gametype and map they made of found, and that was all possible due to the file share.

Anybody else worried? I want to say due to the amount of effort going into the Forge, that there HAS to be a better fileshare system in the works. But I still have my doubts…

Yeah i would like that too. Hopefully 343i make that. Also i hope we will get an Server-browser to host such Forge-Maps/Mode better

Considering how ambitious they’ve been with Forge, it would only make sense for them to give it 110 for the tools that go along with Forge - customs and file sharing.