Lack of content - I hope this changes on December

So far the game doesn’t have much game modes like infection, grifball, King of the hill and many more. This reminds of halo 5 slighty with their launch.

Edit: Some said there could be more modes on 8th December since its a “beta” i hope there’s more then at December if that’s actually true.


This is a soft launch the beta of those modes will be with us for launch for sure. Chill dude, we got this early.

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The playlist variety definitely is lacking. That being said, there’s a chance that’s just because technically this is still a beta. Hopefully the full launch will bring significantly more options.

Yeah, hate to say it but there are multiple decent shooters out. And with them comes playlists. Halo 2 and 3 had playlists, even Reach. Playlists and game modes are not “events”, they are an industry standard at this point. PC player here, so beyond playlists there are server browsers.

Let alone the fact that this is F2P. That, if nothing else, means that any playlist they put in will have enough of a population to warrant it. But instead we get a clump of stuff, and my friends and I simply stopped playing until we are given the choice of what it is that we play. And by then, it may be too late, and the game may be forgotten by me. Just one person here who knows a small group of people, so it doesn’t matter at all, but I gave my 0.2


Probably gonna have to wait 6 months until Forge gets released to get any of the fun gametypes. Game really should have just been delayed until everything was actually done.


You can’t possibly know that

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Yep I have to admit it does seem to be lacking content. I get there saying it’s a beta but kind of feel underwhelmed with the lack of content plus bad enough that the BP just feels like a grind.

I’m gonna be honest, we have had zero evidence any of the fun gametypes will be in matchmaking come December and tbh, this whole early multiplayer release thing almost feels like they released it early as a sort of “oh well, it’s not ready but it won’t be ready by December anyway so who cares”.


I hope so, this does really worry me

They said this launch “contains all core game modes and maps at launch”


This is incorrect apparently.