Lack of communication and transparency

I don’t know what’s going on internally at 343’s studio but what’s with the tight lipped treatment to the community?

There are loads of problems left unaddressed and it’s disheartening to say the least… Here’s a short list.

  • Bad hit registration:

  • Forced crossplay.

This is a really hot issue IMO because on one side the M&KB playersr demand aim assist nerfs and on the controller side we say this is the lowest aim assist controllers have had ever…

  • Big Team Battle.

BTB is broken at its core. One team can get BR’s and the other team get commandos.

One team can get a tank and the other team can get nothing, or a mongoose.

Objectives can be lop sided as well leaving the majority of the objectives on one side or the other giving teams insane advantages.

Additionally we need actual set vehicle spawn timers, skip the pelican and proper vehicles like Scorpions.

Long story short, randomness is bad.

  • Vehicles

Almost all vehicles need a rework. Period.

The Banshee is an absolutely terrible flying turd completely unrecognizable from past games, the bomb can’t kill in one shot and falls apart if you hit something.

The chopper flips if you hit a pebble and it can’t thrust kill other vehicles.

The warthog handles terribly, flips easily and needs a bit more armour. Actually could you please tie the vehicle health to the drivers shields like in H3 to make it a tad more durable.

All wheeled vehicles are too light and bounce too much. They all flip way too easily.

It feels like I’m talking to a monolith. Literally feels like I’m wasting time trying to discuss issues here, the only source of actual communication comes from Reddit and to me that seems borked. We need official posts on halo waypoint.

Since the MP launch there has not been a single blog post addressing the community over the hot issues we are still seeing. No offense 343 but what’s the point of having community managers/directors when they don’t address the community in meaningful ways. It’s what led to the toxicity on the Halo subreddit and even here.


I mean i dont even know what the point of waypoint is if the community rep is just lurking on other forums :joy: not to mention they give some halff- reply then just ghost


If you have ever seen The Office - remember Toby’s complaint box for all Dwight’s complaints about Jim? That’s basically these forums. It’s a place for 343 to bury complaints and criticism all while trying to give the community the impression that they’re listening.

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I honestly don’t know. I liked it when bungie had halo. They had fun weekly wrap ups, hilarious stories and I liked the McLovin ride alongs where the decks would play a few games with community members


I just imagine Ske7ch hiding in a corner of a dark room refusing to come out and speak with the community.

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