Lack of aim assist needs to be fixed

I’m sure people have already mentioned this but we have to keep voicing this problems so 343i doesn’t forget. Infinite lacks aim assist and it’s going to hurt the casual person player base. Every single fight feels like a fight with myself just to aim. It’s no wonder that people use the AR most of the time when it’s the only weapon that actually is easy to use. I also think that the AR would be more balanced if the other weapons were easier to use.


Yeah i agree with you. I think aim assist really needs to be tweaked. It feels like it isnt present but some people swear it is. Maybe its true and it is in the game but it sure doesnt feel like it is lol


If aim assist is in, it’s very subtle. Plus no bullet magnetism. This has been a big part of Halo since CE. Sure 4 had a bit too much aim assist but if you don’t like it, Halo isn’t for you. I hate that 343i cares more about appeasing pc gamers than its console base


Odd, I’ve seen some players, even some influencers talking about how aim assist on controller is just aiming for them because it’s so strong.

As a MKB player, I avoid aim assist like the plague lol

I don’t even know if aim assist is present. It’s so bad that it’s actually ruining my experience a little. There’s a difference between using skill for certain weapons and every single shot on every weapon. Not to mention Halo uses even more forms of aim assist including magnetism which is absent in Infinite. I feel like 343 only cares about making Infinite competitive and keeping the pc players happy. I have no interest in a super sweaty game made for pro gamers

I will say they have done a lot towards going that direction with making it F2P and adding bots to the game, it has had a lot of my friends who never played Halo actually give it a try and give them a way to enjoy the game, let’s hope we see more of that kind of design philosophy.

Bots are nice. I play against them whenever I get frustrated. The funny thing is that everyone is complaining about the progression system and I don’t even focus on the challenges. I’m just playing for fun. Ranking up is a nice bonus but it’s not my purpose

Yeah, outside of my progression, my enjoyment comes from getting better at the game, so I hope they don’t bring the skill ceiling down TOO low haha