Lack of aim assist in Infinite

statics show that controller players are actually having better final shot accuracy. so id say what ever level its at its fair. i never notice a console kid vs PC kid and I’m on PC. also I remember in h3 all the good kids would max their sensitivity, turn off vibration and aim assist. so my only response to that is good, be accurate and get better because I play with 3 controller kids and they FRAGGGGGG tf out.

everything you said is straight bs

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I posted this in another thread but the difference in aim when moving from a One S to Series X is enormous. Aiming is way way way easier on the better system. So much so that I believe 343 should have made multiplayer Series X|S only. It feels broken on the One consoles.

Microsoft is trying to move players to the newer Xbox consoles so I don’t see that happening + some Pc are better than other Pc do thay all get there own play list to?

Trying to aim on pc is hot garbage. The gigantic -Yoink!- reticule is just in the damn way with no aim assist

Reach was fine, MCC was really only overtuned on the DMR

You can change how opaque and thick the reticle is in the settings, if it helps to alleviate your issue somewhat.

Having aim assist on controller (even if easier to aim than PC) is not the same as aim feeling great on controller. The priority for 343i should be to make controller and PC aiming feel great for the majority of (casual) players. The priority should not be balancing controller with mouse+keyboard and the priority should not be making the game more appealing to eSports.

The aiming is still too hard and not as fun as prior Halo games when playing on controller. I have no idea if it’s aim acceleration, assist, and/or magnetism and frankly I don’t care. I really think 343i should tweak the aiming to be just a little closer to Halo MCC. The aiming is too hard for the game to be fun to causally jump into on Xbox.

Who cares? Why does it matter about the stats? 343i should offer input-based matchmaking on ALL playlists and quit worrying about balancing them. The focus should be making both controller and mouse aiming feel great (and fun to play).


Well this is messed up. If it is not addressed then 343i needs to add input AND platform matchmaking filters to ALL playlists.

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Everybody knows this now, but there is a bug on PC that will disable aim assist on controller when launching the game. I am basically gambling whether I still have aim assist or not when loading into a match. The difference in my performance when I have aim assist as to when I do not is tremendous. I thought I would write this post to contribute to having 343 making this one of their top priorities in their next update for the game. It is frustrating to see that this bug is not in their list of known issues for multiplayer.

Felt fantastic in h4.

But yeah this game (infinite) feels like an abomination.

Halo 4’s Bullet-Magnetism and Aim-Assist was WAY too high.
The amount of SWAT games I dominated by my Magnum alone was astounding.

i bet 90% of you are using default deadzones and are wondering why it feels wrong…
tweak your settings for the love of god people.

There’s only aim assist on controller IF you are playing on PC. Console does not have aim assist.

Aiming hasn’t been the issues lately for me, it’s mainly inconsistent shot/ hit detection.

I’ve noticed this too! It wouldn’t be so bad though if you could disable cross play. Totally unfair to play against PC users on keyboard and mouse without any aim assist on console controllers!

I even encountered an issue different mode has different AA on xbox.
The SWAT has the most amount AA. The rank mode performes normal. But the other modes even dont have any AA.

I replied to that thread with a video of my own. His hotkeys don’t change when he allegedly changes to controller, I think it might be fake and just KM all the way through the video.