Lack of aim assist in Infinite

Thank you! That is literally the reason aim assist is not skillful at all because it’s heavily relied on controller for players. I play M&KB as well, and it’s damn near stupid with aim assist and how many players can just strafe and keep a lock on my head.

I’ve noticed a strange bit of aim assist myself.
When playing Keyboard and Mouse - melee kills feel jank. Sometimes you Locklunge, sometimes you don’t ,sometimes you have to “aim” precicely in the middle, etc.

But… on controller… lock-lunge is hard NOT to have happen. You can in fact out-melee someone by just having controller vs keyboard user.

Since a melee strike - with a successful hit - actually lets you melee attack again QUICKER than if you melee attack - and miss, it means just about every ‘melee brawl’ comes down to who is using a controller, over ‘skill’ or ‘aim’ - and it really sucks for things like holding the flag, or oddball (two things that should do more damage btw) as your chances to ‘defend yourself’ without dropping the objective are down to “do you have controller” or not. If you do - your melee will be spot on, have at it, watch out for nade spam (once again, we should NOT start with any grenades to prevent the spam) if your on keyboard and mouse though - your in for a bad time as someone else will melee you twice quickly before you can get your hit in and reset.

As a poor mkb user and a straight up tarded controller user I’m doing really well on controller and just horribly on mkb. Controller allows me to focus on movement and position because the majority of the tracking is done for me. As a high ttk game I don’t need first reshot accuracy, I need tracking. I’m crap at both lmao but can’t track anything in this game on mkb compared to mcc, but can play in my sleep on controller - an input I haven’t played FPS games with for almost a decade.

Cross play needs to be optional, and quite frankly I think mkb needs some extra magnetism to at least have equal magnetism to controller, and I wouldn’t mind some slowing aim assist too, though understand not wanted tracking.

I was outclassed on mkb in mcc by controller users but could still land shots well, but on infinite with the crazy strafing it just feels like a waste of time on mkb.

I get that the skill ceiling is much higher and I’m trash, but I have a family and run a business full time, I just want to be able to play my favorite game of the past 12 years casually like the golden days of halo 3, on my preferred input.

I initially liked the idea of needing precision weapons by reducing their megnetism, but versing high level bots or average controller players and realizing they still have high magnetism and aim assist, it feels futile to use anything but controller.

AA cones has been buffed since the flights. Check the notes by 343. They were never nerfed as far as I’ve seen.


I am having having no fun at all with this. MCC and Halo 5 were never a problem. I looked through the forums, watched some videos and tried the deadzone, look acceleration, FOV etc. to no avail. I am 54 and I realise that my eyesight is nowhere near what it used to be and I have incurred injuries to my hands which doesn’t help. I have ridden motocross all my life and still do, which takes a toll on the knuckles and forearms ( every dirt bike rider can tell you about forearm pump ) I also had my right hand severely broken, by a bad tempered bull we had in the round yard a couple of years ago. BUT, with all that being said, I am still playing MCC and Halo 5 without to many problems, just some finger stretches and a good eye blinking session, between rounds. Infinite is just another story. It’s like every game is an Olympic competition/Sweat fest. I am just shrugging my shoulders at this point. There are posts in other forum threads, where players are saying how they have already done 95 hours of play. This might be a part of the problem. Some players have all the time in th world to get to know every millimetre of the map and I have a 100 other commitments in life, before I can sit down to spend an hour playing some video games as a break. At this point, PvP on Infinite, for me anyway, is not at all enjoyable. I have been having a great old time, on the MCC, doing the challenges over there. I have the Infinite campaign on order and I am really looking forward to that, but as for the F2P side on Infinite, I sort of don’t care. The monetization is horrendous and the sweat fest that goes with having a game, for me anyway, sucks any enjoyment out of it.

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100 PERCENT AGREED. Something is off in Infinite, when compared to MCC and 5.


Do you still have access to the flight patch notes? I distinctly remember them patching aim assist sometime during flight 2. Also, I know for a fact max sensitivity or perhaps just max turn speed was reduced between the flights and the beta by looking at past recordings. Either way, I don’t recall having an issue with aim assist in the flights, so perhaps it’s due to a bug being introduced with their fixes for other aim assist bugs?

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I don’t know where they are, but this is the update where 343 mentioned increasing AA cones, which I presume to be rotational AA halowaypoint. com/news/tech-preview-2-outcomes.

From my recollection, most people were saying aiming felt a lot better in the second flight than the first flight, probably due to bug fixes.

K, that change would ever so slightly increase the cone angle on some weapons but not the strength. Meaning, the cone that is projected out from your perspective for determining when aim assist should activate was slightly widened. I recall aim assist strength changes that occurred during/for the second flight that reduced its strength. Also, it’s unclear if these changes are in the beta or not, given those notes you linked cover findings from the flights. I’d guess so? Whatever the case, aim assist still feels odd to me now when it didn’t in the flight. It could very well be due to the sensitivity changes and some bug fixes/introductions.

Ia it just me or is the Sidekick running the show in this game now?

My husband is making the same comment.

Ive adapted some to the aiming over the last few days but one game back in H5 and the difference is incredible. I knew when I hit a shot on H5. Infinite feels like a crap shoot most of the time still.

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I’ve noticed the same, I think there is some type of bug (hopefully not a feature).

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Its funny how people keep saying no aim assist when 99% of the player base are using controller because its so much better. I don’t even use controller and I instantly do better. Hell even m&k pros are switching to controller just to be able to compete at a pro level. You guys need to adjust your dead zone or something. Try putting them all to 5. Controller is 10x better than m&k.

Look like controllers on pc have better aim assist than Xbox controllers.


Would like to see an actual video and data analysis for this. If true, then obviously it should be fixed. Are PC controller players averaging better acc and win rates?

Also, high FPS on PC is huge difference maker that also will be helping with the aiming feeling better. I have an old PC and still get about 100-110 fps (GTX 980).


It’s bad enough PC already has the advantage on console

I copied this from another thread

With the help of a PC player, I have discovered that Aim Assist is stronger on PC+Controller than on Xbox+controller .

We have tested the aim assist the firing range. The PC player (with controller input) discovered that the Aim Assist makes the crosshair jump to the center of the target when narrowly missing the target ( when firing a weapon ) .

In other words, when you aim just outside the head and fire the weapon, the crosshair will “snap” to the center of the head automatically.

This type of aim assist is not present on the Xbox console with controller input.

The following video was provided by the Discord-user Noobfriedrice, featuring PC gameplay The two first kills are with controller, the last is with kbm. Look at the auto aim in the two first kills:

This footage is from me playing on Xbox (also with controller). Notice that the crosshairs do not snap to the head.

Both PC and Xbox have bullet magnetism. Both also have sensitivity affecting AA. But only the PC version gives this snap-on aim-assist, which is a massive advantage on moving targets.

As an Xbox player, I now understand why PC people think aim-assist is overpowered. This type of aim assist should be removed on all consoles (including PC).

Edit: I’ve been given footage of PC players who don’t have this kind of aim assist even when they play with a controller (according to them), indicating that the AA is even more RNG-based than previously believed. This means there is a different amount of AA even between PC players.

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Yeah, this seems more like a bug than working as intended. I have never seen my reticle snap like that. It’s almost the opposite, when opp shields pop my aim assist gets much weaker.

The inconsistent aim assist issue isn’t a new issue. Halo 5 had issues, and the most prominent one was the heavy aim problem. Me personally, I’m not surprised this game has the same issues that halo 5 did in terms of consistency. Its concerning that a well funded developer like 343 can’t get a core mechanic like aiming down. Halo 4 and prior didnt have these issues, but once the switch to 343s created game engines happened then the issues came about. I’m more inclined to think these aiming problems are coming from an either poorly optimized engine, or just flat out poor implementation/overall design.

Halo 3 on MCC had aiming issues too, until modern aiming was put in.

That’s why we need crossplay toggle and I’m not even considering the possibility of hacks.

Why are we forced to play against a platform which is not our own. Why don’t we get the option to choose?

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