Lack of aim assist in Infinite

The only way for Controller Aim Assist to be balanced in a competitive environment is if EVERYONE in that lobby is using it and thus everyone is 100% on an equal playing field… so it’s an all or nothing kind of situation, expecting a scene to remain competitive when one control scheme is given a handicap either because it’s always been this way or people still think controllers play as bad as the N64 one is unjustifiable in a competitive environment… (Keep in mind that this argument is addressing ranked crossplay only)

I think the biggest issue I keep seeing is those who are in favor of controller aim assist and use the argument that halo has always played like this and it’s always been about outplaying rather than out aiming your opponent have completely taken aiming out of the equation in an FPS where Aiming is 50% of the skill and movement is the other 50%…

This also tells me they’re either lying about ever having played on K&M or are deliberately not understanding just how much harder it is to track a fast target without error while also moving and avoiding getting shot yourself. On Controller, because the auto aim is doing most of the work for you, it means you can be free to focus exclusively on movement and positioning and using the right weapon for the job vs making sure you’re also dead on, you’re working less for mopping up opponents than a K&M user is.

That’s not to say that a K&M user who is good with it is helpless, they can be quite terrifying due to the higher reaction time and better long range tracking, but again, they’re still having to work much harder than a controller player to achieve the same result, which in turn is automatically unequal, unfair and not really competitive…

I can vouch for the aim assist being alright for competitive because I’ve placed my rank on all 3 playlists and my highest ranks are in the controller and mixed lobby (where I can use an xbox controller) because of how much easier it is to 4SK consistently, despite the commando and sniper feeling useless compared to on mouse, but again, if everyone has BR starts and the BR is still cleaning house in ranked, I don’t see the problem being aim assist itself, but rather the weapons and movement…


Honestly a Skill, faster strafe and weapon handling issue rather than inherently aim assist… the aim assist is fine, it still does it’s job, if it were any stronger it’d be a downright aimbot…

aim assist is currently bugged. some people get no aim assist on controller at all, while a few get nearly double aim assist.

controllers on pc also have lower assist then on console, which is bad for low end pc’s. it should be framerate bound, not system bound.


Then your friends must not be good in Halo, because with the weak aim assist MnK should have an advantage. On top with the overly fast strafing speed lacking any inertia and momentum.

I go back to Halo 3, Reach and anniversary and there’s clear aim assist but to say Infinite has to much? What???

So, I spent some time in training and messed with settings a bit, trying to understand why the overall looking felt so inconsistent at moments. At some point I noticed the strange “feel” I had with the game was because the aiming was very sluggish on vert. I tried drawing a cross L-R-U-D and it was very evident. On horizontal was quite snappy, but vertically was like in the mud. I can’t say if it was ACTUALLY slower or if it was my perception or due to my screen ratio. I’m on 21:9 with 105 fov.
I tuned the vert sense higher than the horizontal, and I mean WAY higher. I had to tweak it until it was like 4.5 vert and 1.5 hor. Now it moves consistently smooth in every direction. The aiming feeling turned out much better for me. It didn’t spike my accuracy, I’m always in the 40-45% range with occasional spikes, but the overall feel was much more enjoyable.
I had the first matches where I actually didn’t feel as I was fighting the controls.
Probably I’d need much more tweaking, way more than any game should demand to a player, but I start to have some hopes. Maybe this issue is common to other players, I think it’s worth a try.

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Halo Tracker has top CSR rankings and 8 out of the top 10 are controller players. And the other 2 are probably controller players as well, I just couldn’t tell because they haven’t played the solo/duo playlist yet.

So if there was any more discussion about what the best input is, the discussion is over. Controller is the best input. Sorry M&K players, we just can’t compete with software.

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Just wanted to put this here. I just recently got ahold of a series X & notice the aiming was alot better than my Xbox one X. idk if this is something to do with the update or the console it’s self.

My KBM acc was ~40%, my controller acc is ~50%. I have plenty of hours in both. Once you get your settings dialed in, controller is just better in 90% of fights.

Average player here… but yesterday I finally got a chance to spend some quality time in Halo (had to go and book locum work on the other side of the country the same week 343 surprise launches the game didn’t I).

My accuracy in Halo 5 was sitting around 50-60%.

In Infinite it’s pretty much the same… and in some games I was going 70%+.

But I definitely noticed that I wasn’t hitting the finishing head shots like I was in Halo 5. So the aiming mechanism seems fine in that I can easily track / hit the target… but the lower aim assist is definitely there when I’m trying to finess the headshot.

AIM feels aweful. Using controler on PC


There’s something called Aim Assist in other Halos like 5?
How do I turn THAT on?

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This is probably the best measure, because it’s proof that at the top level - where margins are finest - controller players are coming out on top.

I use a controller on PC and anybody saying there is ‘no aim assist’ is wrong. It’s reduced vs other Halo games for sure, but my accuracy has never been higher and I’m a pretty average player, hovering around the 1.5 K/D mark.

On my Series X I’ve found that aim assist is desactivated on controller as soon as both joystick doesn’t send input, it causes some inconstancy

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Just to add my two cents. I’ve been playing Halo for 20 years. I always felt decent at the games, but never what one would call competitive. There is so much potential for Halo Infinite, but the Aim Assist feels different than previous games. Xbox+controller is getting really frustrating. Aim is all over the place and it is so hard to get that last shot in. I don’t care who I play, mouse+keyboard, controller, pc, none of that matters. It’s about some level of consistency across the games and the lack of aim assist breaks that. I was so glad they release it early, and after the first 10 days, I’m just getting slaughtered every match. Please, for the love of all things holy, improve aim assist for xbox+controller players.


I’m not sure about this, but I think aim assist is tied to server, which would explain the inconsistency. My question is why? Why isn’t it inherent to the game?

The AA being lower in Infinite is not the problem. It’s the fact that it randomly turns itself off that is.


As a mouse and keyboard player, it is near impossible to hit every shot on players in this game due to the fast movement changing speed. I get perfect killed by controller players constantly, while it takes me like 6 bursts almost every time. And mind you, I’m a Diamond in both ranked queues and have a pretty decent K/D and win rate in Infinite at the moment. Just feels unfair that the game is literally aiming for you and you still think it’s not enough.

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There can be multiple problems with a game. As it stands, AA’s implementation is broken, whether you want more or less of it it’s just not working properly. There is also a problem with strafe inertia, I agree it’s too fast. these two problems cause different frustrations for users of both inputs and it’s not fun to use either, imo


Aim assist and the aim sensitivity for controller users on this game is painful to play. I’m playing on 5 acceleration, 10 vertical and 10 horizontal and I literally can’t aim fast enough. Based on what the speed is right now I need it to be 30 certification, 30 horizontal 30 acceleration.


I’m getting the impression that aim assist, and it’s function are somehow tied to your hardware. After reading this entire thread, people have similar complaints, and wildly different opinions. PC does seem to be heavily favored here, whether it’s M&K or Controller.

I’m playing on an X1X, which is “ok”. Some of my friends are still running OG x1’s and have had several issues. The ones on XsX not as much. They’ve all however said that it feels “off”, that their reticles will be fine then suddenly go wild. I would agree with their sentiments. I especially feel like I can track a target, and as soon as the shield breaks, it will go crazy, the commando being the strongest example.

I can play MCC and everything feels just fine. That said, I’m not sure 343 really understands how to design this part. Many people may disagree, but I personally have always felt that the aim mechanisms in 343 halo games have felt off. Some more so, some less. This is the worst one by far though.

It’s very inconsistent, and that’s a problem.


Same! I dont see how some people are turning/moving so fast. I can max my sens and it still feels like Im turning and moving in mud.

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@JakAHearts that’s the benefit of M+KB.