Lack of aim assist in Infinite

there is a major bug which can send aim assist into overdrive on consoles and deactivate it on pc.

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I’ve just seen footage of the aim assist withe AR and it’s ridiculous. The reticle literally snaps to the head…

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yeah the aiming on controller needs more adjusting


Have played for 50 hours + on the le halo inf xbox s x . There is litterly no aim assist


I have a feeling that on PC playing with controller the aim assist is working as intended. But on console 'series S|X ’ there are some issues how they implemented it. After 50 hours + on series X i realy need to put all effords in aiming with no assistance.


343 is quietly giving preferential treatment to new PC players and betraying old players. And This is not the first time

Including weapon balance change, deletion of classic weapons, battle difficulty adjustment, forced crossplay…

They believe that reducing the difficulty can attract and retain new players


no issues whatsoever. It feels just like any other Halo game. I have a feeling you guys are coming from COD and have no idea what a normal aim assist is supposed to be lol

Yeah, like I know I’m rusty and I haven’t been proficient with my aiming since the tail end of Halo Reach, but something about Infinite just seems off sometimes. I feel that it happens more close range, where my reticule just has a mind of its own. I have gone down to as low as 2 sensitivity to try to alleviate this issue.

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I wonder why snipedown averages a higher % precision in mcc, apex, infinite,etc than his rivals on controller? might it be because hes more competitive with and aim assist not being the deciding factor? No way!


You might want to check my comment again, because I’ve already done that. The issue remains that the maximum turn speed is ridiculously slower than it was in both the flights and previous titles.


My bad, yeah the turning is really bad on controller vs KBM

Are those videos from the beta or the flights? AA was admittedly insane during the flights, but it has since been substantially reduced. I could see it getting a minor buff, but not back to the level of the flights. At the very least, they could do to drop off the range limiting when you ADS.

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Also, for those thinking aim assist is somehow God tier still, I point you towards a YouTube video titled “Halo Infinite Aim Assist Comparison” uploaded by Starfall which shows how reduced it is from previous entries and how utterly inconsistent it is.


I want it back as well it doesn’t feel like Halo to me either. COD has aim assist not Halo??? I just don’t understand why not. When playing PC players it should definitely have aim assist. Its extremely disappointing.

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Unfortunately I think you’re just bad at aiming with controller.

There’s plenty of aim assist in Halo Infinite, currently my accuracy on controller is higher than all of my friends who use MnK. If anything, there actually might be too much aim assist on controller. But I think 343 has plenty of data on how accuracy rates differ between controller and MnK, and I’m sure ill make adjustments if needed to keep it balanced (As they already did between the flights and this current beta)>

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There’s plenty of aim assist in relation to what? I’d say it currently has one of the weakest aim assist implementations on a AAA console shooter.

Also, accuracy doesn’t tell the whole picture. You don’t bother pulling the trigger if your reticle isn’t on target, so there is also a tendency to take less shots. I’m currently getting 50 - 60% accuracy which is the same as I got in the flights, but the aiming feels off to me in the beta (granted, for me that is mostly due to the abysmal turn speed).

Now, all that said, I don’t think aim assist needs a massive bump, but it does need a bump. More importantly though, it needs to be made more consistent. It often times just plain isn’t working, or it will suddenly stop working mid firefight.


The aiming in H5 was horrid even with copus amounts of aim assist

I do agree tho, the formula should have never changed…go back to the old H3 aiming system
Smooth, simple, responsive


What about every halo before this one. What are u talking about?

The only way for Controller Aim Assist to be balanced in a competitive environment is if EVERYONE in that lobby is using it and thus everyone is 100% on an equal playing field… so it’s an all or nothing kind of situation, expecting a scene to remain competitive when one control scheme is given a handicap either because it’s always been this way or people still think controllers play as bad as the N64 one is unjustifiable in a competitive environment… (Keep in mind that this argument is addressing ranked crossplay only)

I think the biggest issue I keep seeing is those who are in favor of controller aim assist and use the argument that halo has always played like this and it’s always been about outplaying rather than out aiming your opponent have completely taken aiming out of the equation in an FPS where Aiming is 50% of the skill and movement is the other 50%…

This also tells me they’re either lying about ever having played on K&M or are deliberately not understanding just how much harder it is to track a fast target without error while also moving and avoiding getting shot yourself. On Controller, because the auto aim is doing most of the work for you, it means you can be free to focus exclusively on movement and positioning and using the right weapon for the job vs making sure you’re also dead on, you’re working less for mopping up opponents than a K&M user is.

That’s not to say that a K&M user who is good with it is helpless, they can be quite terrifying due to the higher reaction time and better long range tracking, but again, they’re still having to work much harder than a controller player to achieve the same result, which in turn is automatically unequal, unfair and not really competitive…

I can vouch for the aim assist being alright for competitive because I’ve placed my rank on all 3 playlists and my highest ranks are in the controller and mixed lobby (where I can use an xbox controller) because of how much easier it is to 4SK consistently, despite the commando and sniper feeling useless compared to on mouse, but again, if everyone has BR starts and the BR is still cleaning house in ranked, I don’t see the problem being aim assist itself, but rather the weapons and movement…


Honestly a Skill, faster strafe and weapon handling issue rather than inherently aim assist… the aim assist is fine, it still does it’s job, if it were any stronger it’d be a downright aimbot…

aim assist is currently bugged. some people get no aim assist on controller at all, while a few get nearly double aim assist.

controllers on pc also have lower assist then on console, which is bad for low end pc’s. it should be framerate bound, not system bound.