Lack of aim assist in Infinite

Easiest solution: separate MnK players from Controller players and get back to Halo2345 controls mechanics and its fine. I really like the upcoming skins from the next event, BUT: I cant enjoy the game with its bad control/aim mechanics on controller! I dont mind balancing, bp progression etc at the moment at all, because controls are so important and everything else doesnt disturb the joy of playing halo so fundamental like the inputs on my controller.


Same problem as last flights the shock rifle and BR feels fine, everything else is cheeks.

I feel the same. I just don’t get why the aim assist (and red reticle) from previous games had to be watered down to …this. The game is absolutely unplayable if you’re just looking to relax and play some Halo multiplayer after a busy day of work. You can’t succeed at this game unless you’re extremely sweaty.

Why would you, as a developer, want to implement a version of aim assist that’s substantially less present, when you already know that this will make the game less fun for people who are not literal pros?
Why would you not instead completely divide controller players and M&K players into separate lobbies, so that controller players can have their own lobbies with decent aim assist and thus can have fun too?

I truly do not understand and the current way the game plays just has me not wanting to play it at all. And honestly that makes me really sad.


Divide M&K and Controller players into separate lobbies with separate aim assist. Problem solved. This would literally make everyone happy


I’m custom games you can set this to 80% and it’s :ok_hand:

I sincerely hope they take a deeper look at this issue, I think this post has too much attention on it for them not to.


This is exactly what is going to happen .

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The aim assist does feel off, or rather inconsistent between weapons and ranges. This inconsistency is more frustrating to me than the lack of strength. Most frustrating to myself, however, is how slow 10 sensitivity is.

You can max sensitivity, acceleration, and input thresholds and your time to spin a full 360 is one second. Then, weirdly, you can drop sensitivity to 5 while keeping everything else the same, and the spin time will be identical… It’s like the sensitivity setting doesn’t do anything to your maximum turn speed. What’s odd, is it wasn’t like this in the flights nor any past title.

Also, other people seem to be complaining about the sensitivity being too high, so for whatever reason, 343 shrank the breadth of the sensitivity settings… This has made the game feel downright unplayable for certain controller players (ultra low and ultra high sensitivity players).


It’s because the BP and XP problem.

For me the problem is rather the inconsistency of the AA, than the lack of strength, like this user said:

I’m doing not bad and have often good matches but i spend 5-6h to find good sensetivity :sweat_smile:

I’m more concerned abnout new players. The settings for aiming are too much, it’s kind of extensive to dial in.

If 343i wants a big playerbase and wants to keep a big playerbase, it’s necessary that the aiming and settings for that feels more accessible than now.

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That’s not what it is. If they put it back to normal, controller players will smash PC players at aiming period. They want it to be noob friendly, same reason they beefed up the AR. They want women and children playing this game the same way they play overwatch and COD. has nothing do with “overpowered Aim assist”

Curious to understand those professing controllers to be struggling and claiming MKB is outclassing controllers? MKB is my much preferred input, and I am completely unco on controller, but plugging in my son’s switch controller instantly improves my performance in infinite.

I consistently get out shot against ODST and Spartan bots on MKB, only winning when I play smart. But switch to a controller and can quite easily slay the Spartan bots. The aim assist is very real, and in my opinion favours controller users.

I don’t dislike the aim assist controllers get, it’s part of halo, I just miss it on MKB. It was present to some degree on MCC, and I’m missing it in infinite.

I don’t wish for the same degree of aim assist on MKB that controllers get, but some help with tracking/slowing is 100% needed urgently. Happy to see precision weapons magnetism remain low to increase skill gap and reward skilled aiming, but the lack of tracking and slowing is hurting big time - especially with Infinite’s insane strafe speed (which I love btw).

As for balancing cross play, I have no idea, but I think both inputs should be made to be fun and functional in isolation before we even think about balancing cross play. So long as the option for strict input based matchmaking is given, cross play is just a bonus extra.

I’ve been juggling between MkB on PC and Controller on the Xbox. I see absolutely no difference between the two. I couldn’t care less if the enemy is using one or the other. I think it’s the first game that supports ranked crossplay that I literally see no advantage on neither. I’m also not seeing why people are complaining about the controller aim assist/sensitivity. It’s Halo. I actually wished they had modernised controller settings so that it is on par with COD or Apex, but they haven’t and I’m guessing the reason is to keep it on par with other Halos. To all people complaining - get gud is the only answer really.

OMG there is no aim assist at all in this game. I am getting killed by perfect headshots from far away and the best one is snap kills just spinning around and getting perfect headshot on you. If they get up close you try to melee them and they just jump its game over cause you cant track them. They need to give the option to turn off cross play.


You have to set the threshold for full speed turning. I put mine on max (joystick all the way to the edge).

Things have felt better the more I’ve played but honestly they need to add input based matchamking options for every mode, the ability to turn off Crossplay if we wiish, and they need to increase aim assist and/or magnetism for controller users.

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I agree with you. I don’t understand why 343 are doing this. Halo should be a game born for Xbox and console.

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Are you serious ? The controller aim assist is literally broken some streamers made videos about that, and it’s incredible how strong it is. If you are struggling, you are just very bad at the game tbh

This isn’t even remotely true. Why do people make stuff up, just to post something “edgy”?

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It is true. Did you even play Halo Reach on PC launch?

I have to agree.

I am going positive in a vast majority of my games because I can aim.

I am not a champ or anything. However, I am able to get a reversal of sloppy players, and when I die I understand it is because I am not hitting enough head shots.