Lack of aim assist in Infinite

Am I crazy or is there a huge lack of aim assist for controllers in Infinite? It feels like there is little to no aim assist for controller leading to a huge unfair advantage for Mnk players. Really confused how this isn’t talked about more. Maybe I’m just bad but I play many of the other halo games on mcc every day and don’t have this issue, boot up infinite and precision weapons are almost unusable. Let me know what y’all think, especially fellow controller players.


The aiming in general feels terrible and inconsistent between games. It’s been that way since the first flight and at this point it’ll probably stay that way. I’ve already given up on the game because of it, the aiming on nearly every other FPS on the market feels 1000× better than this game does.


I really have no idea what it is, but they still haven’t fixed it from the tech tests. It just feels awful, nothing like the other games in the series. Why have they changed what has worked for 20 years? I can pick up any Halo game and be fine with aiming, but this, it really does put me off. Only thing I can think of is they changed it to match the K+M players, even though they have a natural advantage.


People have been giving this feedback since the first flight, but after playing around 10 games today I can’t feel any difference. I’m already getting annihilated in pvp by m&k players and at this point the game might be dead to me. As a Halo fan since the beginning this is incredibly frustrating. I don’t want to give up on this franchise but it’s like 343 is doing everything they can to make me.


Yeah the aiming feels just as bad as it did in the flights. Given how many people brought it up I thought they would have adjusted it, but it feels just as terrible. I got so angry I just shut the game off. Beyond disappointment right now.


Aiming felt good with a controller on pc in the first flight, back when red reticle was still in online multiplayer, but it was horrible in the second after they disabled it. The strange part was that in offline training with bots, and weapon drills, red reticle was still enabled on pc, and in those offline modes I can confidently say the aiming still felt good, vastly different from the online multiplayer. I really think there is something wrong under the hood and the 343 team is either too blind to see it or is hiding something from us about the changes they made between the first and second flights. I’m basically forced to play halo on pc with a mouse, a game series I’ve been playing with a controller for as long as I can remember. The new call of duty has a better controller experience on pc than halo and it saddens me.


Good. Screw aim assist; keep Halo competitive


IMO the BR is tuned pretty well on controller and I’m glad they at least made Arena BR starts, but the Sidekick still feels awful and there’s not that many weapons in Arena for me to get a good feel for the aiming overall.

I tried two matches of BTB and hated it so much that I never touched it again, and I usually love BTB way more than Arena.


I am new with Halo and controllers in general. But compared to MCC I really feel like the controller was really weak. I had to switch back to MK in order to be competitive.

But I think there will be option to play against controller users only. If that was the case then I have no issue if aim assist would be even disabled completely.

But I can certainly say that in current build Controller has huge a disadvantage vs MK.


I remember the PC aim assist controversy from the first flight. From what I recall 343 claimed that a bug caused the aim assist level to be too high on controller when playing on PC. That’s why there were all those PC players posting vids saying controller players all had aimbot during flight 1. Meanwhile on Xbox aim assist has basically been nonexistent and overall clunky the entire time.


@Hasko5401 There is a competitive keyboard and mouse only playlist. Fixing controller aim, aim assist and red reticle on pc would not make the game any less competitive. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t party up as a full squad in the input locked playlists, it should be the other way around for the integrity of competitive play, with full squadding up in the input locked playlists and cross input in the solo/duo queues.


fair enough. I actually forgot we got kb/m only playlist

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Yeah, how dare people play a game they enjoy on their down time just to relax and have fun. The nerve of it! /s


yeah its pretty bad an they still haven’t done anything about it. They need to remember, and realize, why both sides have ups an downs, otherwise, its only entirely downs on a pad for a shooter.


I like the low aim assist, brings more skill to the game.


Aiming in general felt inconsistent. I play on M+K and even then I felt like when I should have been hitting shots I wasn’t but when I shouldn’t have been getting headshots my bullets were just snapping to position as if I was using a controller. :thinking::thinking:

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anybody should get aim assist a la Rainbow 6 Seige, but it does feel a little funky you right.


The aiming is fine, I’m consistantly dropping 15-20 kills per game on the XSX with an elite V2 controller


this is the worst feeling halo game in the series, i’ve played every halo since ce…this is the first time im ever having this much trouble aiming. Connection feels like shit, aiming feels off.


Series x and Elite V2 as well, brand new V2 to boot, Xbox Series X And I agree with OP. The aiming is off. I wish they would allow sensitivity past 10 , 10.


No it’s not fine. Especially on the PC.