Lack of advanced tactics

Hey yo,

I am a super old school veteran of the Halo franchise. While I don’t dislike Halo 5, I certainly feel other games in the series were better.

Although I have been playing since launch, today I made a negative observation: multiplayer is lacking several advanced tactics.

Now, I am NOT counting movement. While I personally don’t love sprint/clamber/thrust, I am more than willing to admit that movement is as important as ever in Halo 5. Although I would have never asked for these features in a Halo game, they do add an enjoyable dynamic, to a degree.

In regards to advanced tactics, I fully realized the following today:

  • Animations are excessive and hinder timing: (Disclaimer - this is not in regards to clamber) I was strategically positioned right on top of the OS (overshield) spawn. I was holding the ground, waiting to take fire before pulling the OS and heading after my opponent. However, as I took fire and activated the OS, in the time between I hit X and the animation to put it on my armor, I died. I was shocked. Picking up PuPs should be instantaneous. Sitting through an animation eliminates fast-acting strategy.

  • example 2: I am not normally a sword user, but today on truth i had it. As a long time halo 2 player, my goal was to keep the sword concealed as my secondary weapon until I found my target. As I closed in on an opponent, I was under fire. I tried to pull the sword quickly and lunge, however the sword draw animation needs to complete before you can lunge, so i got shot in the head and died.

  • Grenade complexity is weak, and sorry, they are “hand nukes”: I could almost deal with the overpowered grenades IF they had the advanced tactics they used to have. I was on a map with a gravity lift, and i knew there were opponents above me waiting. I fired some nades at the lift and prepared to follow behind them… until i realized, the nades did not go up the lift! that is pretty weak.

  • examples 2: I knew an opponent was around a corner, and I had two covenant grenades on my person. I figured, perfect! I fired the two nades in succession, one slightly off to the side of the other. In older Halos, a nade would explode and throw the nade in an angled direction. This no longer occurs. Also, quite weak.

TL:DR - Animations and Grenade mechanics in Halo 5 don’t allow for the depth of functionality and timing that they have in previous games in the series.

Discuss. Halo 5 lovers will say “THEN QUIT LEAVE THE GAME IS FUN” and the Halo 5 haters will say “343 SUCKS THIS GAME IS ALREADY DEAD”

with that out of the way, lets get some other thoughts.