Lack of ads !! 343 this is for you

I think it’s the lack of ads today it’s been the 6 time watching black ops 2 commercial while wathing family guy. On YouTube while I was watching halo 4 ending legendary I had to sit and watch 30 second ad of black ops 2. Why aren’t there ads like this c’mon seriously look at the population I would love to see a black ops video on YouTube with a halo 4 ad

Please bump this keep this up I want this game to grow not die

I don’t think they’re TRYING to appeal to the audience of people who watch family guy casually. Most people who watch family guy probably aren’t interested in a sci-fi shooter with its roots deep into the history of the xbox and gaming in general.

I’ve seen much more Halo 4 ads on youtube and other websites than I have BlOps 2 so I guess there’s the tradeoff.