LAAG v Gauss Hog

Why is it that everyone, it seemed like almost everyone at least, wanted the one Hog in the game that is good to be nerfed and yet, want its weaker cousin, the LAAG to be buffed so it is a killing machine of old? Why is one dominant Hog preferred over the other?

getting the kill Vs not getting the kill.

Easy to use 1HKO vs hard to use spray kill.

it is dumb they nerfed the Gauss hog and did NOTHING to the plasma Pistol and grenades. not even making so you only starting with 1 Plasma grenade, that would go FAR to making the vehicles more fun to use.

they should buffed the Chain gun hog too.

Because the Gauss cannon is capable of hitting targets across the map, and its rate of fire means that it can take out the Scorpion easily, whereas the LAAG is only really effective at mid or close range, and isn’t as deadly to larger vehicles.