L89 Infinite Clan Recruitment

Clan Name: L89 Infinite.
Points Of Contact: RB SONIC or RB SPECTRE
Our Mission: To represent professionalism tied with friendship and a good laugh, we strive to be the best and win most games but you always lose some, we also work very close as a team! We’re not looking for extremely skilled individuals but individuals that can think skillfully and make tactical decisions at the right time, this is the first time we’re opening up to the general public and want to keep a tight-knit team of individuals that are on first name basis, we’re all British but don’t mind any Country or Ethnic background applying. Our banter is high and we expect you to dish out some with us! We aim to enter competitive gaming tournaments in the near future! Message via Gamertag or reply to me on this thread and I will contact you.
Thank you for reading. Oderint dum metuant.