L.E. gets the specializations

im having a hard time understanding why the l.e. version gets the specializations and the halo 4 xbox doesnt. i figured hey i need a new xbox, so why not. spending $400 when i could have spent 150 on an xbox and 90 on a game saving $160 and getting more out of my game, could have even got the season pass. so i guess trying to support a game that ive loved for 10 years is a waste when its not the company i have loved as long. what are you going to do about your slighted “fans” 343?
should halo 4 360s get the code?

Note to self: don’t buy anymore special editions of games. I learned that already with Reach.

The codes for Xbox 369 were sent to those who support halo 4 more then the average buyers. Those who bought the LE paid $40 extra for the game. And those who received the code via email were given it because they have supported halo 4 at it’s earliest. If you didnt get a code because you live in Europe then yes you did get a little slighted, if you didn’t get a code because your two young they can’t legally send it to you, and if you didn’t play before November 20th you aren’t considered supporting the game from the beginning

No, why should it? The console has nothing to do with the LE content. The console is a Limited Console with the standard game. If they gave you Fotus it’s just becouse they wanted to give you something cool as you spent 400$, but actually the game is still a standard version, not Limited.