L.D Nightfall

I am finishing off the daily challenges and I am on my last one L.D Nightfall. The challenge is to complete the mission Nightfall without dying with certain skulls on and I was wondering If I did die and it took me back to check point would I be able to play on from there were I had not died, or would I have to restart the mission?

Any help would be appreciated.

Im not absolutely sure but if you are attempting to complete a challenge, put the game on pause and then check the challenges, if its still all good, the challenge will be lit up normal. If not it dims, hope that helps and welcome to Waypoint =)

Thank you, Tried. If you die you have to restart.

> Thank you, Tried. If you die you have to restart.

Good luck and Gods speed soldier.

Sprint never works on this level, I’ve seen people do it, but I swear it seems like hit or miss. For the fleet leet and today I just snagged camo and went through the level. So instead of 5 minutes sprinting it was 10 minutes of slow walking.

I dont sprint past the Rangers. I wait until they go back down to the bottom building before i go across the top. In the next area i only find that sprinting through works if you snipe the Grunt in the plasma turrent first. Otherwise you are slaughtered trying to run through there. The rest is a piece of cake even on LASO.

If you do die, click the start button and choose Save and Quit. When you restart the game, you will start at the last checkpoint. That way you don’t have to start the level over each time you die. This only works if you are playing solo.

i ended up doing the sprint through the level but i had issues with one of the Ranger elites who kept on shooting me with the focus riffle but apart from that it was a quick challenge and just like PERVSRULE said you can always do the save and quit option so when you restart it doesn’t count as a death and you restart from your last checkpoint

Even if I shoot the grunt operating the plasma turret I always die anyway, today it was just as I was about to pass the grunt and jackal I was taken down. Restarted mission and took the camo instead. It always works. It is a little slower but more reliable.

If anyone needs help on this challenge, I uploaded a video on my file share to view in Theater Mode. It was the first daily challenge I completed today. Here’s the link: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=27034264&player=ShadowB92