Kuddos to 343ion Season 3

There’s still room for improvement on the game but I’m really happy with the following changes:

  1. Local network option (significantly reduced de-sync/lag)
  2. Weapons/grenade changes (balances/smooths gameplay)
  3. CSR rank fix (promoting teamwork especially on objective modes)

Overall, I’m really happy with these changes, thank you 343i!

Some things I would still like to see:

  1. Ranked Slayer & Ranked Skirmish Modes
  2. Cross play toggle on/off
  3. Game Type/Map Vetos in pregame lobby
  4. Proximity chat w/ enemy

I’ve played about 10-15 matches… so far it does feel a bit more…connected is the word I came up with. I’m referring to the overall movement and gameplay. I’ve had an odd thing or two happen where I was sliding into a flag to capture and it stopped like I was on sandpaper right before the flag. Other than that movement is better for me so far. The last shot on Br is a little tougher if I have crossfire and we are doing the little dance for the last shot. Don’t mind it as I’ll adapt to it as I did the aim assist. I agree that toggle crossplay would be nice because this will eventually work to the m and k’s advantage at some point

I have to agree. It is better than it has been.

I read the patch notes and decided to try the Local Network option. It’s made a big difference and I no longer connect to European servers at 250+ ms of lag. I’m in Alberta Canada and the closest Data Center to me is Seattle (NW USA) with < 40 ms ping times.

My worst game so far has been 100 ms ping, but even some BTB are in the 40 ms range.

However, I still would rather pick my own Data Center as was done in MCC / H5 and stick to it. I’m willing to wait for a good lag free match - the laggy alternative makes me want to turn the game off and delete it.

And I really wish they had a BTB Slayer (100 kills to win) only playlist, as people usually ignore the objective in the other games.