KSK Security Division Recruitment

We are the security force for the clan KSK we train daily and are well disciplined. We assist in clan meetings when possible to protect any high ranking officer during battle and meetings. We follow orders and protocol at all times. It is not easy to join you will go through testing and documented on performance. You will be trained on occasion. We follow our leaders into battle guard them and follow order at all times. We ask of you to follow order and follow instructions by commanding officer. Respect all upper ranked members. This is a militaristic clan we follow our orders and speak as if were on a military radio. We will show you how to follow our protocol. If you have any questions message me on xbox live.
You will need the following to join us,

  • Xbox Gold - A headset (NO KINECTS) - Halo Reach - A flexable schedule - KIK (Social Media App)