KSI PRIDE GROUND ZERO - Achilles armour

fellow Spartans,

KSI pride part of ground Zero division of KSI Global are currently recruiting for like minded players of all skill types to join our ranks.

most importantly we want players to play and have fun. we are primarily a European based division and currently have in the region of 160 members across 3 companies.


you can check us out on www.ksiforums.org or www.ksiglobal.com

are only requirements are that you are over 16 and have a mic and want to have fun. we adapt a more casual gaming experience but currently working on a divisional league for those of you that are seeking a more competitive experience.

aswell as an active forum we also have KIK chat rooms and a facebook page.

we also offer a probation period to give you time to consider KSI before committing as a full member and will allow you to assess KSI and decide if its the right community for you.

please leave a post showing your interest and i will contact you on a 1 2 1 basis.

have a great day.