Krytical:New Competive Map(HD Video+Pics)

Gamertag: Jag C2
To download: In your Halo 4 menu —Start—FileBrowser—Map Variants—Fileshare Search—JAG C2
It is recommended to download (in my file share) what gametypes work best.

Hi Halo Waypoint community! I’m presenting you a new map I made with passion! A lot of work have been put into it.

Before posting it I ran 2 weeks of rigourous testing, tweaking here and there to make sure that what you get is a very polished map that won’t need a V2 or V3 a few days after post.


Here is the VIDEO PREVIEW that will speak for itself. You can also see PICTURES of it, scroll down the original MLG post.

If you were to make a baby out of Lockout and Guardian their genetics would mix to generate Krytical.
It is a multiple story map and has 2 main towers, But basicly it has 4 parts (Blue,Red,Green,Gold) and one middle structure to connect them together.
Blue team spawn blue base, Red Team spawn red base. Krytical was first intended to be a good Slayer and Oddball map but in turned out to be very fun as well in CTF,KOTH and Extraction.

No need to say that a good map needs to be simple to understand. Thanks to 343 for the new texture coloring option but on some objects it is barely visible. So I tried to help you as much as possible with good identification signs that I did not see any other forger use yet.

Notice the plates on the walls, if you see one of them its because you are on “floor 1”, when you see two of them: “floor 2”, three of them : " floor 3".


When you spawn you mostly want to go for the RailGun in Green base or for the Sniper Rifle on top Gold but here is a more specific list of weapons placed on the map.

1x Sniper every 180 sec (Gold 3)
1x Railgun every 180 sec (Green 1)
2x DMR (Blue 3 and Red 3)
1x Plasma Pistol (Tunnel)
4x Plasma Grenade (Green 1 and Gold 2)


Krytical is setuped to be played on every gametypes except for dominion.

Slayer: Of course, almost every map is good in slayer, this isn’t an exception for Krytical.

Oddball: This is what the map is intended for. There are several setups you can execute with your team because the map is well balanced, each base of the map offers a good possible setup. You can throw the ball in the abyss by the outsides and it will always playball on top middle.

CTF: Some tweaks have been made to the map for CTF.

It is the only gametype that you won’t spawn in the same base. In this gametype, Red team is spawning Gold and Blue team is spawn Green, because the bases are farther in this orientation. There is no sniper or Railgun. Prepare yourself for some intense moments with touch return setings, which is the best way to play CTF in the map!

KOTH: There are 3 hills: Top mid, Blue 3, Red 3. The team with the best setup will mostly win in this intense gametype.

Extraction: There are 3 extraction site: Top mid, Blue 3, Red 3, once at a time. The least popular gametype, but very team oriented. You’re gonna need to work hard to deserve your extraction point!

To download: In your Halo 4 menu —Start—FileBrowser—Map Variants—Fileshare Search—JAG C2

I hope you will enjoy it! I can’t wait for your feedbacks!

You can also find in my file share:
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Thanks to Upsilon for the help on this map.