KotB recruitment

My name is Basty 2099, in other words the leader of this company, however, it’s the first month 2019, so y’know what? Imma start of this year with 10 new free membership spots so grab your pass while ya can, ofc there are some conditions that will have to be met, there are also 7 pleges (rules) that you’ll have to follow when you’re part of this company, you can read these conditions and rules below.

Conditions =

  1. Spartan rank = at least rank 15
  2. Total play time = 20 hours
  3. Must use the tag “KotB”
  4. Must join discord server (you’ll get an invite when you’re part of the company)
  5. Agree to use primary spartan color “black” (You don’t have to, it’s more of a “uniform” kinda thing within the company

The 7 Pledges =

  1. Don’t be a jerk towards others or fellow company members
  2. Respect you’r opponents, in this company we’re good sports
  3. Respect your peers
  4. Don’t give or demand irl info from other company members
  5. total play time 8 hours a week (unless you’re busy)
  6. Don’t decide things for the company on your own or without talking to me first
  7. Have fun

My name is Basty 2099 of the Knights of the Battlecry and i hope you’ll consider joining, you have my regards