Kommando Mag Increase from 20 to 22/24

I really DON’T mind the change from a 7 shot kill to an 8 shot, but it feels a little too punishing for the mag capacity at it’s intended ranges. Don’t need much to change that. 22 puts it at 2 kills and nearly a third if you’re shooting perfect. 24 puts it at 3 kills for perfect, which is maybe a little too much since the BR has only 2 perfect kills and one burst after that.

Since the Kommando is more difficult to use than the BR, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give it a little mag boost relative to the BR.


Won’t stop it from being hot garbage.
The recoil kick is too high, the damage is too weak, and the niche of being an auto Marksman rifle is ruined by bloom.

Nothing about the Commando works as a long range weapon, it’s more like a mid range like the AR, just with a 2x Scope.

During the flight I found that tapping shots just under its max fire rate easily mitigated that, but yes, the bloom is pretty overtly aggressive. I’m just assuming they’re not going to revert the damage changes so thinking of other solutions. Bloom removal is probably a pipe dream but I think that would solve my problem with it as well.

They should just reduce Bloom and reduce recoil kick.

It would literally be a UNSC version of the Covenant Carbine, and we could use something like that in our sandbox to challenge things like Stalker or Shock Rifle. High fire rate but lower damage compared to BR, with BR being the gold standard of balance between damage, range and fire rate.

It needs a damage buff more than anything else, this is like the one weapon I will never pick up right now