Know what we would have with no changes? CoD.

So all the vets want is nothing but the ‘traditional fundamentals’ of Halo.

So let’s just release game after game of NOTHING but the fundamentals of Halo. Nothing new. At all.

Before you know it, we will be just like the worst milked franchise in the industry.

The irony is that all these changes have actually turned this game into COD…right?

> The irony is that all these changes have actually turned this game into COD…right?


EVERY Halo game has been a fresh experience.

Unlike CoD4, MW2, WaW, MW3

It got STALE.

Halo cannot get STALE.

I’m sorry but i have to disagree. I feel like im straight up playing COD with shields now. But I have stayed because of my love of halo. Same as I did for Reach, I am pretty much forcing myself to play this game hoping it’ll grow on me. I was unsuccessful trying to do that with Reach though. Lasted about a month and had to return it. That game was just utter trash. I’m really hoping when they add MLG and Snipers it’ll make me enjoy playing this game.

Okay so we got Halo Reach which was a big change for Halo and people just want to see the core of Halo come back with some touches that don’t conflict with the core. That’s not stagnating. What’s stagnating is adding features that don’t belong, AKA COD style. Call of Duty adds shallow and borderline random features to try to justify another sale, Halo 4 did the same.

Agreed. If I wanted to play Halo 1 I would just go play Halo 1.

Killcams/Ordnance(Killstreaks)/Loadouts/Instant respawn are all CoD ideas introduced into the halo game. Halo was always different (and better) than CoD because it didn’t have these things.
I do like halo 4’s mechanics and gameplay. The new AA’s and weapons are cool, but if I wanted to play CoD I’d just go buy BLOPS2

Halo 4 sucks.

Agreed. That is what Bungie/343 have done that is so amazing. Each game is a new game, but still an obvious part of the franchise.

I enjoy the evolution of each game. I’m glad it isn’t essentially just a few new maps and weapons.

It is a new game, and I admire their choice to do that.

It would come across as very incorrect to me to say that these sort of people are against change. I would say they aren’t against change at all; they just dislike the specific changes we have gotten for whatever reason.

For instance, i’m all for change, but I dislike the changes we have gotten because just about every change/addition that H4 brings to Halo is something that i’ve been experiencing in countless other games for half a decade now. That, or it is something I consider fundamentally silly, like random weapon spawns.

Simply put, if I wanted perks, loudouts and killstreaks, i’d play one of the countless games that already have those things. Halo, in my opinion, should be changing in ways that keep it different to the rest of the stale shooter market, rather than changing in ways that just make it more like the rest of the stale shooter market.

This makes me laugh… Halo 4 is not like COD. Try and spray and prey on both COD and HALO 4 and see what happens. Cod you’ll get at least 10 kills and In halo 4 you’ll get a kill if you are lucky.

Simple way to say it. People like the same game over & over again with new maps and very little change because they are humans. Humans tend to hate and avoid change when possible, and often reject it when offered.

Halo 1/2/3 were all very similar, which while they added new things, made them more boring to me as time went on. However, ODST tried to change that a bit, putting us in a roll as an ODST rather than a Spartan, Reach changed that by adding alot of different things. 4 has now changed it once again, we have alot of things taken from other games, but for people like me who like those other games, this is amazing! I like CoD, I like Battlefield, I like Halo 3 and I love Halo 4 because it combines those games with my good ol Halo 3.

If people wish to continue playing the same games over & over again, so be it, I like that games are changing & evolving, I think Bungies best move they ever made with Halo, was with Reach when they attempted to change the game up for once. They took a large risk, they could very well turn people against Halo, or draw even more people in, it seemed to have negative effect in the end but the fact they took that kind of chance is what made me happy, very few companies do that, alot of them just recycle old games & resell it.

Look at CoD, they make the same things every year with some small changes, the campaign is nothing all to interesting in most cases, its really just a remake. I like those games, but I still think thats all they are, Battlefield is much the same. Halo was on that same path, but I am happy, you could almost even say I’m proud, that its taking a turn & trying to do what others do not have the courage to do, making it a real new game so its not just me buying Halo 1 part 4. The difference that people do not see is that when you look at CoD & that kinda game, people stay, they follow it, they continue playing it & buy the same thing every year. As I said, Halo may have lost people with Reach & 4, but at least it doesn’t feel like it was just another yearly installment thrown at me with the same basics to the game, with minor changes.

> The irony is that all these changes have actually turned this game into COD…right?

This is truth. I knew it from the moment I witnessed gameplay many months ago that the multiplayer would feel like CoD…and it does. Which is a terrible travesty as CoD is mind numbingly terrible.

Stale, traditional gameplay > this new loadout-based garbage.

Every halo game has had something revolutionary to it with it!

In the second game, they added online multiplayer and clans.

3 brought forge and theater.

ODST brought firefight.

Reach brought AAs

What I’m trying to say that each game has brought something new, but 4 feels like they just replaced FF with Spartan ops, doesn’t seem very revolutionar.y

I don’t recall call of duty having jetpacks, invisibility, or drivable vehicles.

I don’t recall halo having airstrikes and helicopters that you can call in.

I’m pretty sure all of the people who are saying that Halo 4 is now COD have never actually played a COD game. Because the differences between H4 and all of the recent COD games are still pretty large.

I actually kinda wanna see 343i release a Halo game with NO SUCH change at all just for the sake of the win reaction the game would get.

They could probably rerelease Halo 3 with Halo 4 graphics and 3 bad new maps, and people would buy it for the sake of buying the same game all over again.

> > The irony is that all these changes have actually turned this game into COD…right?
> NO.
> EVERY Halo game has been a fresh experience.
> Unlike CoD4, MW2, WaW, MW3
> It got STALE.
> Halo cannot get STALE.

Never. Ever. Compare the godly CoD 4, to MW3.


They are very, VERY, different games.