Knights of Valhalla Military clan Recruiting!!!

The Knights Of Valhalla are recruiting. We don’t care about your rank and we don’t care about your skill. We are recruiting serious and disciplined players who can work as a team. We are a military clan, operating since Halo 4. We pride ourselves on working as a unit and having the best possible team coordination and communication. For more information and enlistment into this clan go to our website located below and contact a recruitment official on Xbpx Live, also located below.

Recruitment Official: Wolf Bane P90 (CSOR)

Commando Special Operations Regiments
CSOR Commanding Officer
Wolf Bane P90

Hey how’s it going? I’m Dan and i’m 24. I’ve been playing halo from the beginning and I’m looking to keep it going. I’m just looking to play with a group of people who are focused on winning and can communicate. I am a firm believer that good communication is key to winning any game. I must admit I’m still getting used to the maps so I certainly don’t know all of the call-outs yet. I’m on the East Coast of the US and I play most nights, except when i’m on travel for work. This Spartan Company seems like it’s pretty active and sways towards the competitive side. I sent an application form. I’d like to get a try out sometime if that’s possible? I look forward to getting a response.