Knights Of Rapture Recruitment.

Hello, everyone My name is IgysTravelers but you can just call me Iggy for short. I have debated for a long long time about creating a clan and it always crossed my mind till once day my brother and I found to worth mates for the cause. We are a Co-owning partnership in “<mark>Knights Of the Rapture</mark>”. Though, We don’t call ourselves a “clan” its more of a brotherhood. We welcome most to play with us but to get into the clan there are a few rules and requirements. Like anything else we want to be well rounded and in case of getting bigger we have decided to make things more challenging so its more meaningful to part of something like this. To begin I want to introduce the other three Nobles as we are called or “founders” for those of you who don’t understand.
<mark>1. IgysTravelers (me)</mark>
<mark>2. MasterChiefJ0hn (My brother)</mark>
<mark>3. Zacalicious</mark>
<mark>4. Spanishcracker6</mark>

By the way these are all the xbox gamertags for each leader. Be sure and you are welcome to message anyone of us for information regarding your path to knighthood and or just any questions at all.

Alright, so now a little about the clan. Being that this is in fact my first clan i have to say i am not prominent for my skills. On the other hand we have given alot alot alot of thought into this and its really coming together. Anyway The brotherhood is based of the Knights of Camelot and for those of you who don’t know who that is it was King Author and his men of the round table. Those of you who don’t know who that is, there is a reason Google was made. So the way we agreed on starting was by making it so not just one man can be the boss or call the shots, so cut down on mutiny among players. As of now we have four Nobles which as i mentioned before is a “founder” or knights of the table. There are 8 spots at the table. There are 4 stages we have set up so far in “rank” or “classes” first we have “subs” or mercenaries which is anyone that has befriended us but has no desire to join our brotherhood. We have “squires” or recruits who plan on trying to make it into the brotherhood but must follow the path of a Knight. Which i will go more into detail later. Then there is Knights suited in their own armor and fight for a cause of their own but can’t do it alone. Once you have found your path as a Knight you will be Knighted and Join our ranks. Which i will also go more into detail later. Last is “Nobles” Which are the Knights that sit at the round table, this will be no easy task and its the greatest honor in the brotherhood. Nobles will have control of voice in battle and plan battle tactics. Each nobles once we get bigger will have jobs, and will also be able to Honor once Trusted Knight to help with is jobs. What we believe is that this makes it easier and yet more interesting for players to earn trust, learn something and have fun. We are learning as of right now MLG skills, and being coached really trying to make playing halo 4 awesome.


Mercenaries: Anyone who decides to join us in battles but has no intentions on joining our cause.

Squires: The poor souls that wish to become a Knight but must past the test of finding Knight-Hood.
*Required to Wear All red (the color of blood which you will have to spill to wash it off)
*Required to Wear Emblem Without Wings (earn your wings, become a Knight)
*Required to Go through being Knighted (I now pronounce thee, Sir _______)

Knights: Part of Brotherhood, Your a Knight Bound By blood and rights of you own. You have sworn to protect Each Knight as if your brother and fight by his side. Knights will have ranks soon but as of now no ranks have been discussed.
*Required to wear and not ever change Emblem if so…demotion is judged by MAJORITY vote.
*NOT Required to wear a color, pick and choose your armor for battle how you feel. Your a Knight.
When becoming a Knight things you agree on:

  1. Not to ever change emblem
  2. Not to ever force players to turn or leave, or influence them to make others.
  3. To work as a team, use your skills and listen.
  4. Have a mic, if it stops working we understand just get a new once asap
  5. Have Gold, if you run out let us know. We understand.
  6. Be fair, meaning no stealing assassinations or killing other Knights. Not tolerable. Also play with us and be fair to your brotherhood we need you, don’t ignore us.
  7. Have fun! We don’t plan on offending anyone, but there is alot of humor and jokes that fly in conversations please be sure to be able to hand them and don’t take it personal. Also learn from Criticism, don’t ignore it. Also if something does bother you whether it be another knight, Noble and or something that was said or done contact a noble you trust and let them know.

Nobles: The greatest Honor. You sit at the table with the greatest test of courage and that’s to lead every knight into and out of battle as best as you can. Keep your cool and play hard. Subject to every Rule Knights follow but more strictly.

  1. Have a mic, pretty much all times
  2. Gold!
  3. No you don’t have to but you must show yourself at least twice a week. The more the better.
  4. Be able to lead, Knights into battle and control the game.
    Noble Jobs:
    *Diplomat: Handles Clan wars and other clan related alliances (has to be tricky and be able to spy as well)
    *Engineers: Handles Forges, training course and checks clan war custom games for cheats.
    Adviser: Handles Web pages and tries to find recruits