Journal Entry of Grand Fleet Master Krangàrüs (“The Golden Crane”)

It has been too long…

The Spartans continue to devour our Covenant. But, with the Prometheans I see hope.

Our Grunt Mech program has been successful in eliminating a large number of their Spartan forces. This is good. But, it is time to forge a new warrior–something more terrible to squash these foes.

With the help of the Warden Eternal, we have been blessed with a welcome problem.

The Didact’s composer was not singular; for, we have found another. With it, we have managed to compose one of the Spartans. This Spartan has become a most powerful knight–none that is like the any other knight.

Lo, the Storm is rising. With the Warden’s help, we have equipped this knight with special mech augmentations. Morph and slipspace technology has allowed us to utilize every possible means at our disposable to vanquish the Spartans.

But, there is a problem.

The humans have managed to try and communicate with it–trying to tell this Knight Exemplar that it is still human! Pathetic! The Covenant will be victorious.

Field results are stunning, just stunning! I’ve never seen a more dominant ally! Intelligence reports have confirmed that the Spartans are testing vanquishing this superior knight in their war game simulations. Fools! Do they not realize they will all fail regardless of their training intensity? No regimen will equip them for this final test!