Knight Blade

Has anyone used the Knight Blade attachment yet? It’s supposed to be good vs vehicles so I’m looking forward to unlocking one. Interesting that the BR + KB is a level 5 req according to the waypoint loadout page:

Even the AR + KB is level 8, so this must be a mistake?

I have been punched by one and had added armor. It was not a one punch kill.

I got it, it’s badass

Ah, knight blade. For all those times you’re close to an enemy vehicle but feel like hitting it instead of boarding it.

I had it on with increased strength and it wasnt a one hit kill so its pointless to me

i don’t use it… its not even day i go up and melee a vehicle… just use the energy bayonet.

I have not, but I think its the same as the energy bayonet.

It’s an all-round upgrade- gives your shots slight added anti-vehicle damage, gives an increase to melee damage (not an insta-kill, but an increase nonetheless), and the melee does indeed do quite a bit of damage to vehicles. Last part is only really useful for when you’re boarding a Scorpion or something, but don’t have grenades.

I thought it had added melee range

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> I thought it had added melee range

It does, but an energy bayonet is more useful if you end up meleeing.

Energy Bayonet> Knight Blade