Knee jerk Reactions

I have many posts saying how this game doesn’t feel like Halo, but after a couple hours of playing, I can honestly say that this might be the best Halo yet. You truly need to get a couple hours of solid gaming in before casting judgment. There’s a learning curve with this game that is a bit higher than past entries, but once you master the mechanics and get used to it, you will come to appreciate the care and love 343 have put into this game.

Agreed. I liked it from the first game but all the abilities were doing was getting me killed when I used one by mistake. I kept trying to sprint with the bumper (I assume from Battlefield) and inadvertently grenading myself. It is no wonder that people going into it with their minds already set up are getting mad.

From a lot of posts here it is clear that people simply are not giving the game enough time to get past things like this. I’ve seen several people say they have uninstalled after 1-3 games which is nowhere near enough to get the hang of all the new stuff and actually start enjoying it.