King of the Hog hill

As you all remember before the release of reach bungie was talking about King of the hog hill but since bungie has died off into their own world(which is good because they SUCK now!) They couldn’t get it into a playlist but since 343I own Halo reach now they can now hopefully put King of the hog hill into its very own play list or at least put it in multi team,action sack or Team objective OR JUST ALL OF THEM! I was hoping it will be in reach. I tried to do it my self but i failed if we get enough people to agree to this we’ll get the playlist or game type

in action sack they already have it, its oddball but with a warthog. You get in the hog for points and eventually it blows up, like hot potato when the bomb blows up, you get more points the more people in the warthog.


It’s the Bombball oddball … Warthog explodes after like 90 seconds or something >.>