King of the Hill

Halo Wars had just a few game types so a friend and me created an idea for KotH
You have standard KotH and Death match KotH
You need 10 minutes is the Hill to win the hill could move slowly around the map or stay at a few random locations for about 2 minutes.
This would be so amazing. As soon as the game starts you decide if you send your Warthog/Ghost/Brute Chopper to the Hill or to collect some ressources.
Should I fight in the current Hill or should I make a setup in the next Hill. Yould would have to make such decisions all the time.

Since Halo reach we hace challenges to rank up faster… most of the challenges were trash (Kill 180 People in MM, etc)
In HW2 you could have also Challenges, with a few new Challenges every week people would play all the Gametypes to get Challenges/Achievements and it people with the highest rank would have a motivation to keep playing the game.

A possible KotH Challenge could be: - Get every second in one hill

  • get a residue of 5mins and still win the game

This would ne challenging and fun at the same time.

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions down below.

Sounds like an alright idea overall, but I doubt you’d see king of the hill in online playlists, unless it cycled with other specific objective mode game types. Rather I’d expect it to be a mode more likely exclusively accessible from private/LAN play. The games usually have limited slots for different multiplayer types and I wouldn’t expect people to be climbing all over themselves to play (exclusively) KotH. Having weekly challenges however sounds like an excellent idea.

Sounds fun