King of the hill, maps and sprint

i have been playing since halo 1 launch.

Why is it that everything was fine and the same, also worked for many years,
The Game Modes.

  • king of the hill - not a continuous count to 250 point. basically assult 2.0 = not good and none exciting gameplay.
  • oddball - not a continuous count to 250 points. basically one flag 2.0 = not good and none exciting gameplay.
  • maps… remaster all old maps the were in MLG and use them dont make the freaking big just b/c of sprint (i think sprint should be out BTH) sprint forceses you to make a bigger map and big map equals slow gameplay.
    halo will never be the same. i will hate to see it fall off but everyone trys to catter to people to much. if the game is to have a large learning curve and the people dont want to put time in so be it that was the point in old halos if you sucked or didnt put time in you was a legit 25 or lower average was 25 to 35 and good people was 35 plus.

my point is the game modes where never broke so why change them and the maps are to big the only good map that had layers was (construct) from halo 3.

Personally, I love the Infinite maps. Other than mayyyyybe how a few of them are more suited for 5v5 or 6v6 as opposed to BTB or 4v4, these are the best multiplayer maps since Halo 3 IMO.

But totally agree on the game modes. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? I don’t enjoy new KoTH. Oddball isn’t bad, but just, why?