King of the Hill is great

Plenty of things still wrong with the game but in the interest of balance, I just wanted to post saying I think King of the Hill has been really well implemented (barring a couple of glitches I’ve read about)

  • It plays brilliantly on most maps (admittedly maybe not Behemoth or Launch Site, but nothing does).

  • It’s great fun irrespective of which weapon you start with.

  • It is actually a good objective mode for people who ‘just farm kills’ - the hill naturally draws players towards it so even these types of players accidentally make the best possible impact on the objective as they attack/defend it subconsciously.

  • Chaotic enough to be casual, but tense enough to translate well to ranked.

Considering it is the only playlist besides Team/Tactical Slayer that is always the same game mode, finding games is easy which makes me think a lot of players are enjoying it.

So yeah, they’ve got this one right. I await a slew of specific examples of where it has upset people and I am wrong.


Yeah I love King of The Hill. So glad they brought it back.


IMO they should just remove Strongholds and keep KotH as a replacement. Strongholds was basically KotH with extra steps anyway, and if it really wants to stay, just make that classic KotH and 1 control zone.

All the worst parts of KotH was basically amplified with Strongholds imo.

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King of the hill has alway been my jam, but they fuced it up in this game, utter garbage and everyone knows it.


King of the Hill has always been my favorite game type within the Halo series!

However, their decision to change the classic KoTH scoring system to the all-or-nothing 3-point method is a very unwelcome mistake. It has been the same for so many years, and the community has always loved it. Why change now?

I played in a KoTH match recently where my team actually accumulated more time in the hill overall than our opponents, but with the new all-or-nothing scoring system it looks like we got crushed: we lost 3-1. Not cool!

The 343i team said that the “classic scoring system” will still be available in custom games. From my perspective, it should be the other way around: keep the KoTH scoring method that everyone has loved for over a decade. If the hyper-competitive community wants BR-only starts and the new all-or-nothing scoring system, they can easily run it in their custom games.

Only played it in ranked but it’s made the playlist so much better.

I prefer the classic KOTH where the ring hologram would rotate, the contested area was smaller, and it would disappear with a gong sound effect every x seconds and re-appear at a random place making teams chase it around the map and it was fun and fairer. Now the enemy team can camp inside the “hill” while you get killed and spawn far far away from it.

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While I like it, I do wish for two changes.

  1. The hill after being capped cannot spawn the next hill close to the one just captured.

  2. More hill variations so hill’s aren’t super predictable,

mostly on smaller maps both of these are.

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There should be a mode with no grenades and some without vehicles, just close quarters hand to hand, no grenade spamming.

Yup, the game mode plays rlly good. I’ve been addicted to it. Grenades kinda anger me a bit tho.

I mean it’s not bad, but it’s not KotH. It’s Territories. Play Halo 3 or Reach and you’ll instantly see that this is Territories. I’ve never been a big fan of either KotH or Territories, but if they’re going to add back in past game types then why make this be a different game? Not to mention it’s not very different from Strongholds.

This KotH is specifically Land Grab.

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I like it too, compare to LSS, KOTH is quite the opposite. LSS is a bit slow, tactical and of course lone wolf stuff. KOTH in the other hand is a high octane battlefield with insane amount of firefights and fast paced matches.
I agree on the scoring system, not a real KOTH, neither Strongholds. 343 should mix the 2 and make it more true to the original ,but also add something new, since it’s a new game for a new era.

I’m loving it. Always been my fave.

i think the main reason they made koth and also oddball round based is so comebacks dont become mathematically impossible with a few minutes left on the clock. it makes comebacks more likely and is better for spectators in esports. im not a huge fan of everything being round based in this game. strongholds is probably the worst offender since there is no chance for an epic 90-0 comeback which actually make it worse for spectators and esports


Because we need to Evolve Combat. That being said, not every way of “Evolving Combat” is right.


At first I wasn’t too sure on it, was use to the old meta. Though after getting it for a bunch of matches, I’ve come to really enjoy it. I prefer KOTH over strongholds now. I do think 343 did a good job with the game mode. I’m interested to see how the game mode will evolve & play on future maps/updates. Great addition though.

Hard disagree. I prefer Strongholds tenfold over KoTH.

Strongholds seems more strategic. KoTH on the other hand just forces everyone into a little mosh pit.


I mean…. It’s been pretty good since…. What 2004?

Here we all are thanking 343 for releasing a game type that should have been there at launch. Great work, I guess.


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King of the hill is great, no doubt.

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Strategic sure, but it’s not fun. There’s nothing fun about running laps around the map to capture points which slowly tick to 250 only if you have 2 points captured. Strongholds feel seriously dragged out all the time and most people who play it just play Slayer.