Kinetic Bolts

Does anyone know/have a link to what these do in depth? I had tried to see for myself in forge and in some cases they do no more damage to vehicles than their standard counterparts. I used the AR and AR Kinetic Bolts on a Wasp and I couldn’t seem to destroy it any faster regardless of which variant I used (makes you wonder why they are on guillotine). Wraiths and other vehicles were destroyed more easily by the kinetic bolts, however. More recently, over the past few days I have to say it feels like kinetic bolts are absolutely shredding through unshielded infantry, like grunts or Spartans with their shields down, as compared to their standard counterparts. Does anyone else feel like this or know of an in depth test?

They’re supposed to do more damage to vehicles, but the difference between Kinetic Bolts and not is hardly noticeable to me. I just use weapons with Kinetic Bolts when I feel like vaporizing people. As for them against infantry, they’re no more effective than standard weaponry. You just get the nice extra effect of them being vaporized when you land the kill shot.

i do tend to find that basic BR’s seem to do more damage on light vehicles than a kinetic bolt AR but I will take the kinetic bolt AR though if im only req 2. I am biased towards BR’s (and later DMRs) though cause i got lucky and got the patrol case req giving me 216 rounds per BR (or 90 for a standard DMR) and tend to find those just much more powerfull all round