Just had a ton of banter with Kinect in a mates house tonight! Few brewskies and a bitta Dance Central & Kinect Sports! Full of win! Anyone else have Kinect and had a laugh with it! I dominate at Soulja Boi! LOL!

I love Dance Central! I haven’t tried the Soulja Boy song yet, though.

We played Soulja Boi, Evacuate the Dance Floor, Drop It Like Its Hot, Man-Eater and Pump up the Jam! My best were Evacuate the Dance Floor and Soulja Boi! LOL! So immasculine but what the hell!? It was awesome!

I started with Rump Shaker (seriously, how could you not?!), and then I focused on beating the first four songs on all three difficulty levels.

Also, vids or it didn’t happen.

I was going to buy a Kinect at BB on release day because they had a ton of them on the shelves still. I was talked out of it and when I went back a few days later, they were sold out. Maybe Christmas time.

I currently only have Kinect Adventures, I’m dying to get Kinectimals though.

> Also, vids or it didn’t happen.

In the words of Mufasa, “Is that a challenge?” … lol. That’d actually be a hilarious idea. Shared Kinect videos to get a good LOL at others dancing XD