kinect voice recognition

will the kinect functionality be available to those of us who aren’t living in one of the 6 countries who can use the voice recognition? (Sweden in my case) I just wonder because if we can’t then there is no way for any of us to use the analyse feature or voice commands. and that i say is unfair on so many levels (also I would be incredibly pissed.)

Can you clarify a bit. I don’t fully understand. Do the Kinects in Sweden not have the voice recognition?

I has the capability but you have to have an xbox live account from one of these countries,
United States
United Kingdom
so fore example my UK friend who visits me every now and again can recover his profile on my console and use the voice recognition. but because my account is a Swedish one I can’t use it, not even the english version.

Thats seems very odd and I didn’t know that about Kinect. I suppose though that if you don’t have voice recognition for other games then it may not work with Halo:CEA.

Sorry I couldn’t help.