Kinect for Halo:CEA is completely contrary to honoring the game.

Obviously the internet is full of assumption, no one here besides the people at 343i have actually played Halo:CEA and actually seen how Kinect has been integrated but if our worst fears are realized, I would say that incorporating Kinect into Halo:CEA would completely disregard the idea of “Honoring the game that started it all”, as Frankie put it “the game that changed the way we all play FPS” and I agree, but to add a cheap gimmick like Kinect that really only pleases people who enjoy party games and kitty games is IMO a huge, gross, and ugly misinterpretation of what this anniversary is about.

Adding a new engine running on top of the original and then allowing the player to go back and compare is nothing short of outstanding, including maps from said game? Even better.

Why would a game that is this monumental to the industry and to the core gamer need something like Kinect?

The message told during every single interview with any 343i employee was that they wanted to respect the game, by not changing a single thing about it and simply adding a new game engine on top of the existing for nostalgic reasons was the goal, and now today that apparently that is not enough…

Microsoft first stated that “Kinect is not for all games”, back when the rumors were flying around that Halo:Reach would use support and the outcry began, they quickly shot it down by stating the previous quote, now all of a sudden they want to have Halo:CEA, the game that is suppossed to honor Halo:CE, include a very cheesy functionality as far as the core gamer is concerned.

They used “Ghost Recon” and “Ryse” as games to show how a core gamer can be drawn in to use/buy the Kinect but in all honestly, Kinect is fine for somethings, but definately not for one of the most hailed games in the hardcore space.

I dont want to shoot by opening my hand, I dont want to even stand up, I want to play my game like I did Halo:CE back in
'03, and I’m pretty sure I wil be able to, but just the fact that it is possible to play it in another way will make me second guess 1) If Microsoft really even cares about the core gamer anymore. 2) If 343i really has the guts to stand up to things that even they have doubts about adding to their sci-fi universe.

Which by the way is the reason we are all here, we love this franchise, we are putting our faith on 343i to not only keep the epicness Bungie has continued but to even perhaps surpass the previous Halo’s in ways we can only imagine.

…not to mention this pretty much guarantess the fact that Halo 4 will use Kinect, Sony did it for all of their First party shooters and look how well that turned out for them, Killzone and Socom are a joke. That is the last thing I want happening to the Franchise I love.

“Halo 4: You are the Masterchief” Confirmed :frowning: Kinect is sooo horrible. It ruined so many games…

Can we please please please start the Anti-Kinect for Halo 4,5,6 rants on the forum now until they get the message?

I think you are thinking too far into the news of Kinect integration. It doesn’t mean that it is going to be Kinect only (no controller). In actuality, it will probably be an enhancement for the game for those with a Kinect. Dunno what they would use it for. Theater mode maybe. Body tracking for videos, possibly. Menu control (terminals, loadouts, weapons, or whatever it is they are going to implement.)

There is nothing wrong with Microsoft wanting to add more game to the supported Kinect list. That is just common sense on their part.

For someone named Faith, you have surprisingly little.

> > I would really like 343i to respond.
> You rang? :slight_smile:
> Just to let everybody know, the Kinect features we’re exploring with Halo: Anniversary are optional and won’t affect your core gameplay experience. Our mission, from day one, has been to deliver a faithful recreation of the original game, and we remain dedicated to seeing that through to completion.

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how many people here actually have Kinect?

> how many people here actually have Kinect?

I have kinect. Its on my drawer gathering dust (but Child of Eden may change that).
Kinect on Halo CEA or the new trilogy would be awful, its just wouldnt work.

But , you know 343i, you could always make a kinect game with the Yggdrasil mecha from Halo Legends.
A mecha game with kinect sounds good to me.

I do!

Now what if I said shooters didn’t belong on consoles?

Speaking of kinect:

This is what happens when you put a boy and a kinect… alone for bit…
It’s most likely not killable with fire.

I have it. And Im actually quite excited about it’s integration aspects. Mass effect 3, and Forza 4 as examples.
As a stand out control method though I think it falls short… At the minute. The potential is there for it to be amazing but still abit to go yet.

> Now what if I said shooters didn’t belong on consoles?

And thats a very good point. No one would ever have imagined that ten years ago FPS games could works so well as they have on console especially xbox but MS have nailed it. Maybe we need to be patient and stop flaming Kinect MS could pull it out the bag.

Why should anyone care if a company puts in an optional feature? Don’t use it if you don’t like it.

I for one support kinect in halo, it might be something fun.

They never said that it was supoesed to be exactly Halo: CE. And they didn’t say what kinect would do in the game. What they did says is that you will be able to play it like original game but with better graphics. If thats all they added, people would just by the original one for a cheaper price! If they didn’t add any of the new tech it would be boring compared to mondern games. You said it was the game that changed FPS, and it will do it again!

Kinect is optional, It’s not like you need it to play.

> Kinect is optional, It’s not like you need it to play.


People need to calm down with the whole “OMG KINECT IS RUINING MY GAMEZ!” freak outs. Most of the hardcore games you see Kinect implemented in have it implemented in some manner that compliments the gameplay, not replaces it. Halo CEA is no different.

The REAL question is: How will it be implemented in the game?

> The REAL question is: How will it be implemented in the game?

They said it won’t affect gameplay. I am cool with what ever they do on the side it’s just extra.

> > The REAL question is: How will it be implemented in the game?
> They said it won’t affect gameplay. I am cool with what ever they do on the side it’s just extra.

talking to the AIs?