Kinda disappointed that Spartan Companies are gone

I picked up Infinite, finished the battle pass, decided to try out Halo 5. Definitely a different feel, but I’m having fun.

So because of the website change, spartan companies are just… gone? I feel like I’m missing out on something that could be cool/motivating to be a part of. Is the issue something 343 could just fix by adding a new page to the website or is it a larger, “the functionality is literally unusable and depreciated”-type thing?


The removal of Spartan Companies disgusts me and furthers my suspicions that 343 is overcorrecting way too much from Halo 5. Man, Achilles armor is now practically unobtainable and that saddens me as well. If only someone could port it to Garry’s Mod so I can at least play as a Spartan in Achilles and fight Kleers at the same time!


Idk why they’ve done halo 5 this way. I left infinite from frustration and disappointment and went back on 5 to feel immediately fun and engaging gameplay. It seems like spartan companies really are gone. There was never a means to invite players within the game, so the necessity of the website and the update just killed it for the game…then infinite doesn’t even have no form of a clan system either…wow…that game is an empty shell of an experience…I only like the upgrades of performance it has…framerate and fov.

If you need friends to play with or just feel like learnimg the fun mechanics of the game feel free to add me. H5 has some awesome and satisfying mechanics to master that feel a heck of a lot more rewarding than simply looking down and activating a repulsor jump


I appreciate the offer! I may do that.

And yeah it feela very different mechanically. I feel like the aim is one of the larger changes to get used to.

Yea there’s the thrust you have to anticipate as well when you play good players they usually add that to their strafe.

Have you played infinite since the rank reset? I’m tempted to install it again…but terrified of disappointment =[ lol. Like i watched streamers earlier and witnessed cheaters…that alone makes me hesitant.

This is so stupid. Why do they keep doing stuff like this?


This, along with the removal of Halo Wars 2 stats from Waypoint, is the absolute worst thing about this ‘new’ Waypoint.

Halo 5 isn’t even that old of a game, and the old Waypoint generally worked great. Very infrequently did it have connection issues or downtime where these features needed fixing.

Everything about Infinite and the current releases of the studio just ooze ‘not enough time’ and the lack of inclusion of Spartan Companies is a symptom of exactly that. They ran out of time to bring that function to the new site.

And they won’t spend resources on it unless we ask for it - so tell your other Halo friends to get here and comment.


Sadly I got into Halo 5 way too late and missed a lot of it. How did Spartan Companies work?

Guess I’m keeping Achilles on for now on

Glad to earn it back in 2016

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it was an unnecessary change. just because they removed the companies it’s not going to mean that all the players are going to play halo infinite. WE NEED COMPANIES TO COMBACK

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