Kilzone ShadowFall Looks Better Than Halo Infinite

Killzone ShadowFall vs Halo Infinite Demo Reveal

The graphics look too cartoon like and the textures lack detail. The game should go for a realistic approach, not a cartoon like graphics style. This game will be a failure if it doesn’t look better than Killzone ShadowFall on PC and Xbox Series X. I know the demo was supposedly an Alpha and not final but I really hope it looks a lot better than what we saw, what was shown is likely what the Xbox One version will look like.

Halo Infinite Brute

The series did go for a realistic approach. In the end the community wanted it to go back to looking like Halo 3’s “cartoon graphics style”, so that is what has happened.

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This game will fail when X or Y
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We’ve already had a number of topics about this and a few should still be open and active. No need for another one, feel free to use the existing ones. Thanks