Killtacular taken away

So I got a killtacular today in matchmaking which is a rarity for me. Immediately after I dominated all five guys one of them ragequit. After the game I come to find out, it took away my killtacular pretending it never happened. I didn’t get a double, triple, overkill, or the killtac. All five of those kills were ERASED. Why?

Host Migration, happens all the time.

It still shows it in the theater though doesn’t it?
Just save the clip. If not move on. Hardly anyone checks stats these days anyways :slight_smile:

Yeah I went back into theatre and recorded it. It’s not really to show off to other people in the stats as to myself looking at them. For some reason I like looking at stats. Guess that’s why I’m so into fantasy sports too lol. Bummer though, I hate how it had to happen right as I got a great medal.

Well that’s because…(clears throat) the stats aren’t that accurate nor simple.

I’ve lost killionares, unfrigginbelivables, be the bullets, etc. COUNTLESS times due to black screens