Killstreaks in Halo?

Before I get flamed for being a COD fanboy or anything like that let me say that I’ve played Halo since Combat Evolved, and loved every game up until Halo Reach. I only picked up Modern Warfare at the end of MW2 and have played a lot of MW3.

I’m one of the many who hate loadouts as well as random personal ordnance that has made slayer a giant fiesta game. This may be an abstract and absurd suggestion for the next Halo game, but what if instead of loadouts and personal ordnance, Halo introduced killstreaks? You could even have an assault killstreak and support pointstreak like in MW3 where the support.

Tier 1 weapons:
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Grenades

Tier 2 weapons:
Saw - 1 clip
Needler - 2 clips
Scattershot - 1 clip
Concussion Rifle - 2 clips

Tier 3 weapons:
Shotgun - 1 clip
Sticky Detonator - 4 grenades
Railgun - 3 slugs

Tier 4 weapons:
Spartan Laser
Rocket Launcher - 2 rockets
Sniper Rifle - 2 clips
Beam Rifle - 50% ammo
Fuel Rod Gun - 2 clips
Incineration Cannon - 2 shots
Binary Rifle - 4 shots

Assault kills reset after death:
3 Kills (Any Tier 1 weapon
5 Kills (Any Tier 3 weapon or Armor ability)
10 Kills (Any Tier 4 weapon, overshield, camo from Halo 3, or damage boost)

Every 5 kills after the 10 killstreak will give you one more clip for your tier 3 weapon or request a new OS, AC, or DB.

Support (kills do not reset if you die):
5 Kills (Any Tier 1 weapon)
10 Kills (Any Tier 2 weapon or any armor ability)
15 Kills (Any Tier 3 weapon)
20 Kills (Any Tier 4 weapon, Overshield, camo from Halo 3, or Damage Boost)

Obviously this is just a rough sketch. I know that this may promote camping, but I feel Halo has turned into a Memorial Day campfest already. This would help reduce some of the randomness of personal ordnance as well as make armor abilities actually fun to try and obtain. If I could have it my way I’d just like a buffed version of Halo 3, but we have to compromise somewhere.

Love this? Hate this? Please leave some constructive feedback below. If you think it sucks please say why. I really don’t think this would ever happen, but it is kind of interesting to think about.

No, it just promotes camping.
And yes, you are a COD fanboy because you played MW3 a LOT

Killstreaks in CoD, Ordinance in Dominion, Personal Ordinance… what’s the big idea with giving more advantages to players who are already doing well? I think all players should have equal chances (think weapons on map).

I would not be surprised if that stuff will be in Halo 5 at the rate we’re going.

No, just no.

If I was a COD fanboy I’d have Black Ops 2, which I don’t. If I was a COD fanboy, I wouldn’t have the weapon mastery commendation for Halo 4.

Like I said in the original post, I wish we could go back to just Halo 3 where everyone was equal, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. That’s why I think if we just got rid of loadouts and personal ordnance (you could still have weapons on the map) and at least make you get a high enough streak to obtain power weapons then you won’t see the fiesta fight that we have going on right now.

Great idea why don’t we introduce attack grunts while we are at it. -__-

> Great idea why don’t we introduce attack grunts while we are at it. -__-

That would be pretty funny. I’m all for that. This post was mostly just to rattle the chains a little bit. I didn’t want anyone to take it to seriously, but it seems like some are still pretty upset that Halo 4 has taken a complete nosedive flat on its face.

I put up with the game for 6 months, but haven’t picked it up in over a month. The casuals want the game exactly like Halo 3 and the Reach players love the randomness of infinity. There will never be a compromise, and so you’re left with no one satisfied, invisible rankings, and a crap-load of power weapons that no one earned.

Just no

Sounds cool I like it. I hope they take it even farther with ordnance and kill streaks in halo 5, more than just a weapon or a power up. I want to call down a Mac strike, or call in a very powerfull ordnance only armor ability, and other things such as this!

No. Just. -Yoinking!-. No.


We don’t need this to be turned into COD even more than it is now.

I promise that all of these extra “features” sound cool, but would suck in actual gameplay. I remember after Halo 2 came out, my friends and I were amazed at being able to play as an Elite in multiplayer. We talked about how cool it would be to play multiplayer as Hunters, Grunts, etc.

But no. That’s an awful idea.

Good ideas are simple. They are not over-the-top and not gimmicky. Think of Firefight, Forge, and Theater–three of Bungie’s best and most popular innovations. They are not “flashy”; they are nothing more than useful. Ordinance of any kind, killstreaks, and Armor Abilities are flashy and gimmicky, which is why they’re difficult to fit into gameplay and only cater to a few.

We have killstreaks in Halo, they’re called Ordnance. And they’re ruining Halo.

No thanks.

I much prefer the concept of having weapons on the map that are able to be taken by whomever controls the position. Maintaining map control with teammates is much more important than selfishly camping and getting some kills.

custom loadouts are good,

ordnance and jip are bad.

No thanks to kill streaks. The less we copy cod the better.

No. Just no.

Personal Ordnance is one of the biggest gameplay issues left in Halo 4. Killstreaks are the exact same thing, just with a progression tier tied into it. They still promote camping and they still remove the need to actually find power weapons on the map.