kills being changed at game end

i have noticed that during the game just before game end i can have x number of kills but after i can go to prior games stats and the number of kills has changed sometime up to 10 kills less can anybody tell me why this happens

Are you playing BTB heavies by any chance? Heavies’ scoring is different. Things like headshots, beat downs, splatters, etc all net you two points but only get you one kill.

yes i do a lot of btb that might the games it happens i just noticed on my best game was 24 kills at the end of the game but when i went to save it at the end it showed only 14

In Normal BTB you will get a Kill point for any vehicles you blow up when occupied but it doesnt count towards the teams score. So in the post game screen it might have you showing 17 kills but if you blew up 2 hogs that were occupied the postgame carnage report will have you showing as 19 kills.