Killing sprees in fiesta

anyone else think getting killing sprees in fiesta is pretty difficult. between the small maps, unbalanced weapons etc they seem hard to get. need 5 to complete the weekly challenge and i’ve only got one in the probably 30 games i’ve played and that was dumb luck because ended up in a scorpion on Behemoth.

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I got mine by using the sword and grappleshot combo, got a 24 kill spree on Bazaar


I got one by hanging back with the BR. It was kind of lucky though. If you have to get 10 and you know it’s not your strong suit you may want to swap that one if you can.

can’t swap it. its the weekly ultimate

Oof, is everyone going to get that one? What happens when you try to swap it?

i assume everyone does. i think thats how that work but i’m not for sure. there isn’t even an option to swap it, again that i can tell

Nothing. It won’t let you swap it.

Bummer! That’s a shame.

I’ve gotten a bunch of killing sprees already, so I don’t think it’s all that difficult. It’s pretty easy to get lucky and spawn with a rocket launcher, or go crazy with a sword/hammer. The annoying one for me was to get a killjoy in fiesta.

ouch, killjoy is rough if you’re actively going after it

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Killing Spree not my strong suit, unfortunately. I am bad at the game. Haha.

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I can’t say I’m good at it either. Just get lucky sometimes. xD